Beer Chat

Eno Sarris, December 27, 2013

Normally, we chat in real time here on Fridays. But I'm traveling and I'm sure a lot of you are, too. And BeerGraphs is in hiatus until after the New Year -- licking our wounds and building up content. So let's leave this here, with a list of the best pieces of the year, so that we can all stay in touch and leave notes about the best beers we've had over the hollidays. Good tidings and beer to you and yours!

Best of the year:


The relationship between ratings and sales.

BeerGraphs Rookie of the Year.

The weird side effects of prohibition.

The world in a beer heat map.

What is a cider.

The most solid brewery.

Using beer heat maps to identify the drinking hot spots in New York.

Kauffman Stadium ballpark beer review.

What's a triple IPA.

San Diego's beer economy in three charts.

Visiting beer Mecca.

Beer styles of summer.

Talking to White Lab's Chris White.

All you wanted to know about Bay area yeast.

Drinking with Men review.

ABV and ratings.

Craft beer bubble?

What's so special about Zagorka.

The effect of the bourbon adjunct on ratings.

Why so many pale ales on the leaderboards.

Understanding Beers Above Replacement.


Literal notes from FoBAB.

Wet hop, fresh hop, brown washcloth.

120 minutes.

The 'one.'

Self-congratulation and beer.

Hoppy beer and spicy food?

Walter White reviews Fat Tire.

Enjoy By and a commute.

My mother's craft beer epiphany.

I work at the juke box.

A sticker, a beer, a hero.

Minor league baseball beer.

The first time.

Ping pong beer comuppance.

Texas pisswater.

Beyond Binghamton.

The right spring cleaning.

Drunk on Amtrak.

Hacksaws and Sorachi Ace.

Ruination; My Pants.