Visiting Kuka - Andean Brewing Company

Michael Donato, February 13, 2014

Kuka - Andean Brewing Company is a small brewery near the Palisades Mall in Blauvelt, NY. They describe themselves as an artisanal brewery and brew beers with a twist. In native Andean language, Aymaran, "Kuka" means "food for workers and travelers", a reference to the bounty provided by the gods. Kuka's beers are brewing with Maca root, a plant that grows in the Andes mountains and is rumored to be an aphrodisiac. 

Kuka is a local brewery located just outside NYC in an area where there aren't that many interesting breweries, at least on that side of the Hudson River. Kuka's most popular beer is the Banana Nut Brown Ale. It's an English Brown Ale with a strong banana flavor while retaining the maltiness of an English Brown. It's a lot like Wells Banana Bread beer if you're looking for a comp. 





Andean Brewing Company, Inc.

Kuka - Devil's Treat


Milk / Sweet Stout

Andean Brewing Company, Inc.

KUKA - Banana Nut Brown Ale


English Brown Ale

Andean Brewing Company, Inc.

KUKA - Belgian Golden Ale - Blue Agave


Belgian Blonde / Golden

Andean Brewing Company, Inc.

KUKA - Imperial IPA Rye


Imperial / Double IPA

Andean Brewing Company, Inc.

KUKA - Belgian Tripel


Belgian Tripel

Andean Brewing Company, Inc.

KUKA - Pumpkin Porter



Andean Brewing Company, Inc.

KUKA - Belgian Blonde Ale


Belgian Blonde / Golden

Andean Brewing Company, Inc.

KUKA - American IPA


American IPA

Andean Brewing Company, Inc.

KUKA - Pale Ale


American Pale Ale

My favorite Kuka beers have been the darker ones. Currently on the top by rating is a beer called Devil's Treat, a small batch sweet stout released around Christmas.  This was their ninth brew, a sweet stout with chocolate, cayenne and of course maca root. It was deliciously complex with just enough heat to keep it interesting.

The current volume of check-ins are still a bit low to truly represent the brewery, but that will change as time goes on. Currently Devil's Treat is at negative BAR and the Banana Nut is only at .59. It's worth noting that it's hard to create a beer with intense flavors like cayenne or banana that's going to be universally appreciated. Kuka's banana is actually listed fourth on the leaderboard for a search on the word banana. 

Kuka's only really been brewing beers for about a year, and they're still tweaking recipes and experimenting, but they've created some interesting brews and have plans for many more. Currently the tasting room is open from four to seven on Friday afternoons, and it's full of people enjoying good beer and conversation. It's certainly worth a taste. 

Michael is frequently drinking Kuka beers on Friday afternoons and checking them into Untappd. You can follow him on Twitter as well.