Introducing... Style+

Eno Sarris, January 09, 2014

It's time for wOBAR to go. In my mind, it was weighted Beers Adjusted Rating, or the like, because it's only a beer compared to beers in its style. The thinking was that it's silly to compare a mead to an IPA without looking at what meads and IPAs normally do. In any case, the concept won't go. Just the name and the scale. wOBAR a remnant of BeerGraphs' birth out of baseball stats parent site FanGraphs (they feature wOBA, or weighted on-base average, fairly prominently on their leaderboards). A new name and format will help it pop.

Let's call it Style+.

Style+ will still be a beer adjusted to its style. But now average = 100. It's so simple it's nuts. Now you can see how a beer does against its style, full stop. Is it 50% better than the average IPA? You'll see it has a 150 Style+. Intuitive, and easy to cite. And sortable in the near future.

Of course, you'll find that smaller beers creep ahead of bigger beers when you use Style+ to filter your beers. Jack's Abbey Lager (130), or Palindrome Rye (130) will zoom ahead of some big boys. If you'd like to look at just bigger beers, we've turned on a "popularity" filter. This filter, when in the popular setting, will return only beers with a high volume of scores. That way you can still look at bigger craft beers while using Style+.

Check out Style+ on our Leaderboards. And yes, in-line sorting for Style+ on the leaderboards is the next item on the to-do list.