The Beer Release Round Up, 1/26/2014

Blake Smith, January 27, 2014
  1. Founders Brewing Company are releasing their All Day IPA (Session IPA) in 15 packs, a "Brewer's dozen," with no price increase. According to Co-Founder Mike Stevens, “We are able to offer 15-pack cans due to production efficiencies from packaging cost savings."
  2. Thanks again to Alex for the scoop on this one. Firestone Walker will be releasing another Proprietor's Reserve Series: Lil Opal (Farmhouse Saison). I'm not sure, but this may be in a replacement for Walker's Reserve (Porter). I was listening to the brewing network a while back and Matt Brynildson described this one as "a wheat wine fermented with saison yeast."
  3. Here is the Clown Shoes 2014 release schedule. I still haven't seen Luchador En Fuego yet.
  4. "Fleish brewers add sugar as an adjunct during fermentation. We add real maple syrup from our friends at Big Tree Maple, a farm literally across the road from the brewery": Grand Arbor (Belgian Style with Maple syrup). Southern Tier is set to release this in the next couple months, this sounds very intriguing and worth the try if you're within distribution.

Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean (Style: 104, Bar: 4.57)

Appearance = 4/5

Pours black with a fluffy, brownish head.

Smell = 4/5

Very roasty. Pick up smokey notes, choclate, anise, and then the vanilla bean at the end. Not as powerful on the nose, compared to their Russian Imperial Stout (for obvious reasons).

Taste = 4/5

Sipped over the span of about 15 minutes. Was more enjoyable the warmer it got. The smoke really comes through at the end. The vanilla is great, and helps tie together the strong smoke.

Mouthfeel = 4/5

Light body, more on the thin side. Not too carbonated. Stays true to the style.

Overall = 4/5

I brewed a robusto porter last week with my brother, while each enjoyed our bombers worth. This is my favorite Stone Smoked Porter variety. Towards the end of the bottle, the smoke was less enjoyable but other than that I have no complaints. Coffee, chocolate. vanilla: can't go wrong.

Thanks to user Blink on Wiki Commons for the header image.

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