Fun With the Brewery Leaderboards

Eno Sarris, February 24, 2014

All of the stats on the new brewery leaderboards are explained in the glossary.

Yeah Mikkeller? They make a lot of beers. Better be careful about the beer you pick from them, only 39% of their beers are above-average in their style. That's not bottom-of-the-leaderboard or anything, but it's not that great. It's basically average in terms of being above-average, or about as good a bet as Full Sail. That's okay, by making great beers often enough, Mikkeler is still atop a few important leaderboards

But sure, if you're just aiming to make sure you get a strong beer, make sure you find Avery. Double-digit ABV on their average beer! Maybe you knew The Bruery made strong beers (9.3% on average) but did you know that Dogfish Head also pushes the envelope in that department (9.5%)? Belgium, is, of course, all over this leaderboard, but what's up with Tennessee? Two breweries in that state sit in the top ten list for the breweries with the weakest beers.  (And yeah, Canada's all over the session beer, drowning in beer is like heaven, eh?)

Who is AF Brew? They've got the best beers... on average. They're one of nine breweries featuring 100% solid beers. They're a nano-brewery in Russia with nine beers rated 3.7 or better. Considering their location, perhaps they should be lauded for their fanbase -- it's both rabid and well-versed in American apps. What are we saying. Beer is international!

Just look at the nine beers that only offer solid beers. It's an international scene -- AF Brew in Russia, Brasserie Cantillon and Brouwerij De Dolle Brouwers in Belgium, Hill Farmstead in Vermont, Maine Beer Company in Maine, Sante Adairius in California, Toppling Goliath in Iowa, Half Pints in Canada, and Liberty Brewing in New Zealand. Let's all go to New Zealand and drink wet-hopped nelson beers in front of the telly with some aussie-rules on, right?

We aren't going to tell you what to drink. Let's just say that the average beer from Rhinelander is not enjoyed by the masses. Then again, nor are the beers from Miller, Coors, Carslberg, or ABInBev. It's totally fine if you feel conflicted. This author understands how some of the breweries got in the bottome 25 by this metric, but has enjoyed many a Mendocino Brewing Co beer...

Then again, if you go by the laggerboard for cumulative Beers Above Replacement, there's only one brewery that even gets an eybrow raise here. Magic Hat, huh?

Enjoy yourself responsibly. You might find that, in a region dominated by imperial pale ales, there's at least one metric that favors a Bruery not known for their pale ales. Maybe average BAR, a stat you weren't so sure about at first because it's the most brute force of the stats, maybe that stat will sort you a local leaderboard that 'feels right.' And maybe you'll find that the fanciest stat will bring someone to the top of the Block that you've never tasted, and maybe that'll send you hunting for a beer.

Thanks to Matt Dennewitz for the brewery leaderboards.

Thanks to wiki commons user CaribDigita for the header image.

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