Introducing... Beer Player Pages

Eno Sarris, February 26, 2014

As much as the brewery leaderboards and all the BeerGraphs features that have come before were enough for us to laud BeerGraphs co-founder Matt Dennewitz as a god among men, today's news is more about the future more than chronicling the past. Because having a "player page" for each beer, linked to the leaderboards, is what will allow us to do some really fun things.

I'll keep the analysis light. Right now, it's pure fun. See where your favorite beers are being enjoyed! Zoom all the way down the street level! Comment. Declare your interest in a trade. Reciprocate.

Dream on the future, too. We've got ideas, but we've got to keep working on them. And we want you to let us know what you'd like on these pages without clutter from us.

Thanks for hanging out and having a beer with us. Let's keep improving the site.