The Beer Release Round Up, 2/28/2014

Blake Smith, February 28, 2014
  1. Anyone else see that you can now order a Surly when you fly Sun Country Airlines (who I've never heard of, but who am I)? This is awesome.
  2. Lagunitas 2014 Release Schedule. Couple of  things here worth mentioning. First and foremost, Sucks! year round in 32 ounces bottles, sixers in its normal slotting. Little Sumpin' Extra is back. Daytime is now year round (yay! Session IPAs). Nighttime will be taking it's place, looks to be the exact opposite of Datime as it is a Imperial Black IPA.
  3. If you're not worthy when it comes to drinking a bomber of Stone's Arrogant Bastard Ale, no worries, it's now available in 6 packs.
  4. "Spring Reign is based on Jamie’s first-ever professional recipe for a beer called Starchile, which was also his first-ever music tribute beer inspired by the hero of the Funk Universe that George Clinton created for parliament and Funkadelic."
  5. If you have been waiting for Mirror Mirror, a barleywine from Deschutes, wait no longer -- it will be available starting the first week in March.
  6. If you live in San Diego, and Habanero Scupin is your thing, it will now be available for purchase in 12 ounce bottles.
  7. "The Sixpoint interpretation, “Seison,” retains the refreshing, lively qualities of these French and Belgian farmhouse ales. But since it is bursting with American and Australian hops, and made with a custom, part-Belgian part-American yeast blend, this brew is not a traditional saison—it’s more of a hybrid."
  8. Couple of big time releases coming up from Firestone Walker, first up Parabola. "I never thought of our brewery as a stout house, but this beer makes me smile" - Matt Bryinldson. This is my personal favorite of the Proprietor's reserve series. Next up an an offering from their Bottleworks line (their barrel-aging program), Feral One. Both will be released on the same day, March 8th.

Pivo Pils - Firestone Walker Brewing Company (Style: 112, Bar: 5.36)

Appearance = 4.5/5

Poured from a tap into a "Pivo" pilsner glass. Filtered. Beautifully golden color. Great head retention and lacing, very much to style. Carbonated well.

Smell = 4/5

Hop forward, for a pilsner. Think Victory's Prima Pils. Use of traditional noble hops, makes for a nice blend with the bready, subtle lemon malt aroma.

Taste = 4/5

Crisp. Taste's very similar to the aroma. Nice bittnerness, not use to seeing that from a lager.

Mouthfeel = 4.5/5

Goes down easy. Nice carbonation throughout the beer. Smooth finish.

Overall = 4.25/5

More of this please! I almost always order it whenever it's on tap. Firestone Walker nailed this one. Chalk this one up for America. They took a European classic, and gave is some "style." Pivo is highly sessionable, the definition of a "lawnmower" beer. I will drink this beer at a bbq, a baseball game, front porch, a bar, etc. You get the idea already. I'd love to try this one in a blind tasting v. Victory's Prima Pils. Anyone done this yet?

Thanks to user Blink on Wiki Commons for the header image.

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