The Beer Release Round Up, 3/20/2014

Blake Smith, March 20, 2014
  1. Looks like Evil Twin has released a few imperial stouts. Well actually released two, and re-released another, but all are tasty I'm sure. I Love You With My Stout and Double Barrel Jesus & Imperial Biscotti Break (Bourbon Barrel Aged). The BA Imperial Biscotti Break, currently ranks about all the Biscotti variants on the leaderboards wity Style+: 109 and BAR: 6.92. I've seen a lot of buzz regarding Double Barrel Jesus, if I had to predict I think this will follow suit to the BA Biscotti Break.
  2. I personally prefer Green Flash's old artwork. The new stuff seems so beer-y generic. Each beer has the same print, just represented with a different color.
  3. Shmaltz Brewing Co. is throwing a party at the brewery for the release of Funky Jewbelation. Get there early if you are planning on trying to get your hands on this "blend of 7 ales aged in 35% bourbon barrels and 65% rye whiskey barrels," as they will be limiting customers to 4 bottles each. 
  4. So first Stone makes a session IPA and now a Saison. How not Arrogant of them? Stone did annouce a bit ago that they were really the ones behind the Stochasticity Project. They talk about who they got the idea and the name, as well as announced the next Stochasticity Project: Varna Necropolis (Hoppy Belgian Golden in Bourbon Barrels.)
  5. Did anyone enjoy an Undercover Shutdown Ale in rememberance of the St. Paddy's Day Massacre?
  6. Prairie Vision is "A Rustic Pale Ale Aged In Oak Barrels with Brettanomyces" from Prairie Artisan Ales sounds pretty electic, much like the bottle artwork. It does sound tasty I might add.
  7. Our very own Matt Dennewitz and the crew from Pitchfork Music Festival collaborated on a beer with Goose Island. It's their Endless Session IPA that we highlighted a couple weeks ago, but I thought it was worth mentioning, again. Congrats Matt!

Thanks to user Blink on Wiki Commons for the header image.

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