The Beer Release Round Up, 4/3/2014

Blake Smith, April 03, 2014
  1. "Hey girl - just listening to you talk about how the CMY-1, CMY-5 and CMY-7 brettanomyuces yeasts, along with the Pale 2-row, Munich II, Oat, Wheat and Honey malt, together with citrus peel and juice added at KO, followed by fresh zest with balanced citrussy hop characteristics at whirlpool - makes me wanna drink this beer just for you." - Ryan and The Gosling, Evil Twin & Crooked Stave collaboration.
  2. Shipyard will be releasing a Pale Ale, nationwide. Seems a little underwhelming, I know, but I thought the history of the beer was worth noting. This ale was actually first a collaborative beer with Marston's on the UK, back in 2012. Interesting enough, they then released the beer the following year in 2013, overseas, with great success.
  3. Sunshine Pils is back and sure to brighten up your W̶i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶ Spring!
  4. Pretty cool that stone is giving one of their employees the chance to brew a beer in house, on their new five barrel pilot system. Its like homebrew, but in the big leagues! Rojo Bolo.
  5. I haven't crunched the numbers really, but my gut instinct says that the "Game of Thrones" series has been an success for Ommegang. Next up is the Fire and Blood (Red Ale).
  6. "Drake's is releasing a new year-round IPA called 7x70 IPA ('Seven by Seventy
     IPA') starting on draft only and eventually heading to store shelves near you later this year."
  7. Odell Brewing will first be releasing Loose Leaf (American Session Ale) on April 7th,"Session Beer Day," then offering the beer year round in six packs..

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