Beer Chat -- 5/2/14

Eno Sarris, May 02, 2014

Sours. They're so great! Maybe under-rated. I've been indulging recently and think I have a top ten or whatever:

  1. Russian River Consecration
  2. The Bruery The Wanderer
  3. Lost Abbey Red Poppy Ale
  4. Russian River Supplication
  5. Almanac Sour Porter
  6. Goose Island Gillian
  7. Cantillon St. Lamvinus (I haven't had Fou' Foune.)
  8. Almanac Farmer's Reserve #3 (Strawberries and nectarines.)
  9. Russian River Beatification
  10. Goose Island Juliet (I haven't had Halia.)
  11. The Bruery Tart of Darkness
  12. Russian River Sanctification
  13. Crooked Stave Burgundy Sour Origins (I haven't had all of the Origins.)

I'm sure there's more, I'm sure I got the rankings wrong, but I thought that would be a fun list. Seems like a tie for me from 1-9. You had any of these? Which do you like more? Less?

Also, I'd love to hear what aspects of BeerGraphs you'd like to take with you On The Go. What you'd add to the site, that sort of thing!


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