The Beer Release Round Up, 5/9/2014

Blake Smith, May 09, 2014
  1. Saturday, May 10th Alesmith is throwing a Barrel-aged release party. "We will have a variety of specialty cask, draft and nitro offerings on tap for the occasion, including: Barrel Aged Speedway, Barrel Aged Speedway on nitro, Speedway Stout with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, and other surprise beers to be named later." If you do order bottles through the link here, be sure to pick them up by July 13th ( no proxies!).
  2. Sierra Nevada is releasing a Draught Style Pale Ale, wonder if it's the same recipe of that in the bottle.
  3. Dissenter Imperial IPL is the first lager brewed by Founders in 12 years! That's kind of incredible. Anyways, it is apart of their "Summer Backstage Release" and will be availble through distribution starting August 1st.
  4. W00T Stout is back, W00t Stout 2.0, I teased it in last week's chat. It will be making it's debut at Hop Con 2.0 (fitting) at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens - Liberty Station. It looks like the same recipe last year, only with the addition of stoneground chocolate, delicious!
  5. Two big releases from Boulevard Brewing. 1st Saison-Brett, a part of their Smokestack Series. It hit shelves this week within Boulevard distribution. Next up, Entwind Ale which is their first "Backroads beer." It is a beer and wine hybrid, "malt beverage brwed with grape juice." Interested to hear what those of you who have tasted this one think.
  6. The newest barrelworks project from Firestone Walker will be released on May 17th, BrettaRosé. Made with over 1,000 pounds of "local rasberries & a whole lotta love."
  7. Also, check out this video for the upcoming collaboration between Firestone Walker & Flying Dog, Hydra Cuvée. This beer will be available at the SAVOR.

Thanks to user Blink on Wiki Commons for the header image.

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