The Beer Release Round Up, 5/22/2014

Blake Smith, May 22, 2014
  1. Get excited Wisconsin residents, Deschutes will be in state come July!
  2. Recipe changes for two, year round offerings from Greenflash. West Coast IPA, is now West Coast Double IPA. West Coast IPA and Hop Head Red each had their ABVs bumped to 8.1% (I guess Hop Head Red is a Double IPA now too then) and each recieved increased dry hopping. If I had to guess, I'd say we see Greenflash's "Imperial IPA" replaced because as it stands they currently have three, year round, double/imperial IPA offerings.
  3. Of course Ballast Point is releaseing a Session IPA, Even Keel. It will be available starting today, the tasting notes seem pretty standard for the new Session IPA trend.
  4. Two new Stout releases from Beachwood Brrewing Company: System of  Stout (Imperial Stout) & Still Life (Smoked Stout). Both available at starting 6/3, details to come.
  5. Midnight Sun is releaseing a Smoked Imperial Stout, BarFly. This is the first year this beer will be released as part of the "Alaska's Most Wanted Series," since the beer first debuted back in 2010.
  6. "MEXICAN CAKE will be released at the brewery on FRIDAY!" - Westbrook Brewing Company
  7. Anyone picked up Bell's Two Hearted in the can yet?

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