May's Best New Beers and Hottest Breweries

Eno Sarris, June 05, 2014

May is kind of a weird time for beers. It's not quite spring, or at least it's a little late to be coming out with your spring seasonals. And it's not quite summer, or at least it seems a little soon to be coming out with your summer sessions.

Eh, with seasonal creap, we know you can pretty much come out with whatever you want whenever. Pumpkin beers in May! (Not yet.)

The list is a little long to display all of the new beers, but let's throw out the top 20 just for kicks.

Beer Brewery BAR Style+
Triple Sunshine IPA Lawson's Finest Liquids 6.57 115.04
Stickee Monkee (2014) Firestone Walker Brewing Company 6.50 109.82
Bretta Rose Firestone Walker Brewing Company 6.15 120.09
Atomnaya Prachechnay Jaws Brewery 5.96 120.23
Hentai AF Brew 4.26 111.81
Apocalypse Epic Brewing Company 3.67 109.54
Praline La Sirane Brewing 3.51 107.99
Neato Bandito Deep Ellum Brewing Company 3.21 127.48
IPA Of The Month - May 2014 Foothills Brewing 3.18 107.24
Gose Gone Wild Stillwater Artisanal Ales 3.13 109.99
Scratch #143 - IPA Troegs Brewing Company 2.80 105.23
Ton's Motueka Pale Ale Brouwerij 't IJ 2.66 106.12
Get Down American Brown BrewCult 2.64 108.00
Nocturn Chrysalis (Blend 2) Jester King Craft Brewery 2.62 104.09
Sex Drugs & Rocky Road Bacchus Brewing Co. 2.39 107.94
Death From Above Redux Garage Project 2.38 100.69
Wandering Pelican Cigar City Brewing / Great Lakes Brewing Co. 2.38 108.53
Cold Drip War Moon Dog Craft Brewery 2.21 107.41
Black Sabbath Panhead Brewery 2.18 102.20
Del's Lemonade Shandy Narragansett Brewing Company 2.03 101.24

We've talked a little about the Triple Sunshine here recently, so it's no surprise to see it at the top. And Stickee Monkee was highly anticipated when it was mentioned in the new beer roundup. But look at Firestone Walker, killing it in May with two of the top three beers. Looks like that was a good fantasy beer pickup. Wish I'd chosen it. Cigar City did so well in April, they've got to be another fantasy leader. Their collaborations speak well for htem.

There's some down under flair here, as the southern hemisphere enters winter and harvests their hops, maybe. Epic, Garage Project, and Bacchus at least are from New Zealand and Australia. Can't speak for the quality, other than I've enjoyed all the Epic I've had.

And of course, we have to look at the worst.

Beer Brewery BAR Style+
Black Ink & Blood Mikkeller -6.61 78.28
Rickey Carton Brewing Company -5.41 81.69
White Belg Sapporo Breweries -3.33 79.66
Betsy All Inn Brewing Co. -2.56 84.54
Angry Pirate Edge Brewing Project -2.24 83.73
Entwined Ale Boulevard Brewing Co. -2.11 82.80
PHunking Fresh Feral Brewing Company -1.94 88.51
Scarlet Super Temple Brewing Company -1.91 88.21
The Brown Burn Liberty Brewing -1.80 88.23
PB Bootleg Brewery -1.75 85.43
Black Eis Black Heart Brewery -1.69 88.91
The SS Menno Little Creatures Brewing (Lion Nathan) -1.66 89.10
Baerliner Dugges Ale- & Porterbryggeri AB -1.57 89.09
& J Thirsty Crow -1.13 90.61
Resin Dog Session IPA Illawarra Brewing Company -1.11 88.66
Abstrakt AB:16 BrewDog -0.93 91.53
Umami Monster Garage Project -0.91 94.27
Bunddeutscher IPA Amager Bryghus -0.79 89.83
Bouncy House IPA Smuttynose Brewing Co. -0.75 91.07
Creme Caramel 2 Brothers Brewery -0.71 92.88

Man, Mikkeller really has a talent for making beers that people don't like. Looks like Boulevard made a mistake too. Maybe people don't like peanut butter beers -- both the PB and the & J beers were a miss, maybe. And Garage Project! Hitting the high notes and the low notes.

There aren't enough double beers to really make the brewery leaderboard make sense here -- May's hottest brewery is obvious. Congratulations Firestone Walker! Two of the top three makes it a slam dunk.

We're working on the leaderboards right now, you may not find many of these beers. We'll get it fixed soon!