Spring's Best Brewery

Eno Sarris, June 10, 2014

Really, this is just a fantasy league update. But first I'll give you a leaderboard of the sum of the new April and May beers from each brewery. For fun. 

Brewery Total
Cigar City 18.568
Lawson's Finest Liquids 11.997
Omnipollo 9.886
Belching Beaver 8.746
Firestone Walker 8.732
Pipeworks 8.701
Panhead Brewery 8.319
The Bruery 7.303
Green Flash 6.165
Jaws Brewery 6.138
Avery 5.983
BrewDog 5.781

So yeah, Cigar City is the Mike Trout of fantasy beer right now. The top 12 fantasy teams all own Cigar City and are benefiting from Good Morning Mekong, their Humidor Sour, the Wandering Pelican, and a couple collaborations that are also doing well. Not one of their eight (!) scoring beers is below replacement, and those eight beers mean that the Cigar City crew are also ahead in the 'New Beers' category. Once we took Stickee Monkee from Firestone Walker, it fell a bit, but it's still riding Bretta Rose and Lil' Leghorn to a decent standing.  How about a shoutout to Europe, where Omnipollo is making waves with a few collaborations and then a Nebolution IPA which must be good if it's anyting like Nebuchadnezzar. 

Lawson's is largely riding one beer, but what a beer Triple Sunshine IPA is turning out to be. Up to almost seven BAR in two months, it looks like an early Rookie of the Year candidate. We've allready written it up here, but I bet we hear more about it soon. Pipeworks may have some strange names -- Bunny & The Bird -- but you bet I'll be having an Easter Bunny Vs Unicorn if they are still around in July when I'm in Chicago (meetup July 17th!). 

Okay, time for the fantasy leaderboard. I could only manage the sumBAR category -- the fantasy brewery names are not the same as the brewery names in our database, so it was a lot of stupid work -- but it's a good first look at who's winning. 

Do you have Cigar City? Good, you're in the running. Who else you got? 

Sum BAR Team Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 4 Utility Paid
30.96 Team Falcon Cigar City Pipeworks Half Acre Toppling Goliath Epic Knee Deep Ale Asylum Yes
29.83 FGD Cigar City lagunitas New Belgium Wicked Weed Sweetwater Flying Dog Green Bench  
28.01 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Acetaldehyde Cigar City Tired Hands Alpine Wicked Weed Bear Republic Driftwood Tree House Brewing Company  
26.91 Milwaukee Homebrew Cigar City Troegs Central Waters Toppling Goliath Weyerbacher Left Hand Lakefront Brewery  
25.36 These Pretzels Are Making Me Thristy Cigar City Tired Hands New England Brewing Co Jack's Abby Foothills Sun King 4 Hands Brewing Co  
25.09 Matt M Cigar City Tired Hands Evil Twin Wicked Weed Pizza Boy Magic Rock Widmer Brothers yes
23.36 David F Cigar City Lagunitas Jack's Abby New England Left Hand New Holland   yes
22.78 Lev Realness CIgar City Revolution Toppling Goliath Perennial Societe Jolly Pumpkin Side Project yes
22.77 BeerSmith Cigar City Lagunitas Ballast Point Evil Twin Sixpoint Societe Faction  
22.77 Blake S Cigar City Lagunitas Ballast Point Evil Twin Sixpoint Societe Faction Yes
22.18 SummersSudz Cigar City Lagunitas Jacks Abby Brooklyn Bear Republic Sun King    
20.16 GOBIAS Industries.  Cigar City Tired Hands Sante Adairius Prairie Artisan Societe NoDa The Rare Barrel  
20.00 Sour Beta Stone Pipeworks Epic Pizza Port Perrin Noble Ale Works Monkish Brewing  
17.62 The Oakland IPA's The Bruery Deschutes Green Flash Evil Twin Foothills Black Raven Anacortes yes
17.45 Shaqapopolis Stone Boulevard Alpine Green Flash Bear Republic Flying Dog Almanac yes
17.40 MVBrewers Three Floyds Allagash Jack's Abby Lawson's Finest Liquids Trillium Thirsty Dog The Tap Brewing Company yes
17.40 Banhammered Hill Farmstead Allagash Sante Adairius Lawson's Finest Liquids Societe Trillium De Garde Brewing Yes
16.42 Stout's Stouts The Bruery Bell's Epic Perennial Foothills Sixpoint Strangeways Brewing  
16.00 Die Säufer The Bruery Pipeworks Westbrook New Belgium Austin Beerworks Odd Side o'so yes
14.97 Aaron Hill Farmstead Hill Farmstead Bell's Lawson's Finest Liquids New England Bear Republic Flying Dog The Alchemist Pub & Brewery yes
14.90 2LiveBrew Hill Farmstead Pipeworks Drakes Funky Buddha Societe Upland Almanac Yes
14.71 White Elephants Untappd The Bruery Lagunitas Jack's Abby Perennial Perrin Jolly Pumpkin Urban Chestnut Yes
14.64 Bombers over Chiraq Stone Pipeworks Pizza Port Toppling Goliath Left Hand Sweetwater Begyle Brewing  
14.62 One Pint at a Time Firestone Walker Deschutes Ballast Point North Coast Ninkasi Bear Republic Speakeasy Yes
13.52 So Trill Stone Lagunitas Jack's Abby Green Flash Bear Republic Trillium Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project. yes
13.47 Alex S is Gonna Lose Stone Pipeworks New Belgium Greenbush Two Brothers Sun King   Yes
13.19 Noonan's Tap Firestone Walker Revolution Half Acre Solemn Oath Sun King Sixpoint Spiteful Brewing yes
12.61 The Disappointments Dogfish Head Deschutes Ommegang Green Flash Left Hand Sixpoint   yes
12.37 Baldy Beerdy Stone Troegs Ommegang Epic DuClaw Pizza Boy Spring House yes
12.26 My Merkin is Velvet Firestone Walker Southern Tier Ballast Point Odell Sixpoint Left Hand Peticolas yes
12.22 Barksdale Brewers The Bruery Southern Tier Wicked Weed Dark Horse Four Peaks NoDa Mother Earth Brewing (NC) yes
12.13 The Roaming Pint The Bruery Boulevard Schlafly Terrapin Boneyard Austin Beer Works   Yes
12.07 SlizBrewCo Firestone Walker Revolution Brewing Solemn Oath Evil Twin Two Brothers Flying Dog   Yes
11.76 Humble Legitimate Child Mikkeller Pipeworks Jack's Abby Evil Twin Kane Odd Side Night Shift yes
11.18 Bronx (22 oz.) Bombers Stone Langunitas Green Flash Victory Bear Republic Sixpoint Peekskill Brewery  
10.76 The Bookhouse Boys The Bruery Lagunitas Pizza Port Prairie Artisan Ninkasi Left Hand Night Shift Brewing Yes
10.72 1-point-21 gigahops Stone Boulevard New Belgium Green Flash Bear Republic Two brothers Dangerous Man yes
10.16 For Whom the Bell's Toll Stone Short's Greenbush Jester King Odd Side Jolly Pumpkin Peticolas  
9.83 Really, Storrs? Stone Short's New Belgium Dark Horse Flying Dog Odd Side wolverine brewing company yes
9.67 Feuerer's Beers Founders New Glarus Central Waters Jack's Abby Sixpoint Austin Beerworks Lakefront Brewery yes
9.56 DCBeerBill's Diacetyl Destroyers Stone Allagash Jester King New Belgium Flying Dog Sun King DC Brau  
9.54 Maltease Falcons Russian River Oskar Blues Green Flash Sante Adairius Hangar 24 Sweetwater Social Kitchen & Brewery Yes
9.40 George Brettanomyces The Bruery Crooked Stave Jester King Sante Adairius Upland Foothills Against The Grain Brewery  
9.40 Bill S Stone Tired Hands Jack's Abby Evil Twin Trillium Ninkasi Rhinegeist yes
9.36 Pawnee Li'l Sebastians Hill Farmstead Southern Tier Great Lakes Jack's Abby Foothills Ninkasi The Alchemist  
9.30 Drew's Brews Two Stone Revolution Rogue Perennial Upland Flying Dog 5 Rabbit yes
8.85 Harry Porter and the Voldemalts Dogfish Head Sierra Nevada Wicked Weed Great Lakes Olde Hickory Brewing Foothills Highland  
8.80 Yogurt and Fun Mikkeller Pipeworks Half Acre Victory Upland Sun King Rhinegeist Yes
8.73 Veshi Firestone Walker Crooked Stave Great Divide Sante Adarius Left Hand Black Raven Dry Dock yes
8.59 Foot of the Mountain Avery Allagash Prairie Artisan Great Lakes Weyebacher Left Hand Atlas Brew Works Yes
8.40 Duckwall-ALCO Stores, Inc. Stone Boulevard Odell Schlafly Alaskan Flying Dog Mother's Brewing Company  
7.90 A Dark Saison for the Barrel Ages Mikkeller Boulevard Hoppin Frog Victory Sixpoint Societe Almanac  
7.61 Beer Metaphor Dogfish Head Lagunitas New Belgium Evil Twin Ninkasi Societe Almanac yes
7.51 Richard Hefter Stone Tired Hands Jack's Abby Evil Twin Pizza Boy Kane DC Brau yes
7.30 Benthic Brewing The Bruery Sierra Nevada Sante Adairius New Belgium Bellwood Upright Urban Chestnut yes
7.15 Grumpkins and Snarks Stone Lagunitas Ommegang Brooklyn Flying Dog Left Hand The Alchemist Pub and Brewery yes
7.05 TaintTornado Three Floyds New Glarus Great Lakes Central Waters HaadBryggeriet Epic Ale Asylum  
6.99 BARney's Gumble-head Dogfish Head Lagunitas Great Lakes Terrapin Foothills Weyerbacher Hardywood Park yes
6.96 Solemn Oathbreakers Mikkeller Pipeworks Solemn Oath Evil Twin Two Brothers Boneyard Spiteful yes
6.66 Brewery Strategery Stone Crooked Stave Jester King Alpine Upland Sun King Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Yes
6.41 Tom Da Bomb Goose Island Bell's New Belgium Terrapin Sweetwater Burnt Hickory Fairhope Brewing Company  
6.04 dethcoach Stone Lagunitas Sante Adairius Beachwood Societe Ninkasi Cellarmaker  
5.92 StoneColdStunner Goose Island Troegs Hoppin Frog Rogue Weyerbacher Heavy Seas Ommegang  
5.76 Hopless Mikkeller Lagunitas Epic Ballast Point Knee Deep Left Hand Almanac yes
5.61 Wait 'Til Next Saison Stone Bell's Rogue Odell Two Brothers Sixpoint Ithaca Yes
5.43 Blood, Sweat and Beers. Dogfish Head Southern Tier Ommegang Victory Sixpoint Flying Dog Peekskill Brewery Yes
5.24 Seven Delicious Sins Stone Lagunitas Voodoo Great Lakes Driftwood Great Lakes (ON) Mill St.  
5.05 Justin K Hill Farmstead Surly New England Toppling Goliath Noble Ale Works Freemont Tree House yes
5.01 EbCo BAR Warriors  Stone Revolution Brewing Ommegang Hoppin Frog Bear Republic Sixpoint The Brew Kettle Yes
5.01 Kelvim Escobeer Stone Lagunitas Pizza Port Ballast Point Thirsty Dog Sixpoint Golden Road Yes
5.01 The Flophouse Stone Lagunitas Pizza Port Victory New Holland Sixpoint Devil's Backbone Yes
4.91 vBCO {value of Beers Consumed Often} Hill Farmstead Cascade Wicked Weed   Bear Republic   Smartmouth  
4.52 Three Hops and a Jump Hill Farmstead Troegs Victory Carton Sixpoint Kane KUKA - Andean Brewing Yes
4.29 Pure Michigan bias Founders Short's Greenbush Dark Horse New Holland Odd Side Perrin Brewing Company  
4.15 Aquila Stone Lagunitas Ballast Point Rogue Societe Bear Republic Maui Brewing Co. Yes
4.15 The Booze Hounds Stone Lagunitas Alpine Victory Societe Bear Republic Faction Yes
4.05 Hoppiness is a Cold Beer Stone Sierra Nevada Carton Brooklyn Kane Sixpoint Singlecut Beersmiths yes
3.69 Row 2/Aaron Hill 56 Hill Farmstead Crooked Stave Jester King Prairie Artisan Driftwood Societe Ale Apothecary  
2.56 Popa Stone Lagunitas Solemn Oath Greenbush Bear Republic Odd Side Jackie O's Pub & Brewery yes
2.45 Dan P Goose Island Lagunitas Ballast Point   Sixpoint     yes
2.30 Shiner a Lite Three Floyds Revolution Brewing Elysian Perennial Austin Beerworks Two Brothers Mother's Brewing Company  
1.20 This is Most Certainly Brew" Hill Farmstead Bell's Half Acre Toppling Goliath Columbus Jolly Pumpkin Seventh Son  
0.89 Barell Porter Glasses Three Floyds Surly Half Acre Solemn Oath Two Brothers New Holland Confluence yes
0.72 Beer on my Shirt Mikkeller Tired hands Alpine Evil Twin Sixpoint Kane Pizza Boy  
0.40 The Punky Brew Turds Founders Bell's Carton Ballast Point Flying Dog Left Hand Kelso  
0.00 Drew's Brews Founders Oskar Blues Rogue Great Divide Left Hand Bear Republic Revolver Brewing  
0.00 Jake B Dogfish head Tired Hands New Belgium Westbrook Upright New Holland DC Brau yes
0.00 Micah S Russian River Bell's Ommegang Victory August Schell Unibroue   Yes
-1.53 Mikkeller Boots Man Mikkeller Crooked Stave Ommegang Evil Twin August Schell Two Brothers Funkwerks yes
-2.88 Tarvaris Jackson Mikkeller Tired Hands Carton Toppling Goliath Pizza Boy Societe Side Project Yes

Yup, I'm 53rd of almost 100 teams. Yeesh. 

Looks like the key is picking breweries that make a ton of new kinds of beer and have some distribution. But did we all know that Cigar City was going to go nuts like this?