Beer Chat -- 7/3/14

Eno Sarris, July 04, 2014

Just had some great beers from a brewery to be -- 32 North in San Diego -- and am amazed at how many more beers are out there to be had. I'm not saying I've had all the beers, but a beer I had today was the first I'd had like it. So we can talk about beer bubbles if we like, but there are so many tastes out there to be had that I doubt we're done tasting new beers. I mean, this is San Diego, after all, and this was still a killer new beer that basically started a style for me. So, kudos on 32 North, and keep an eye on them as they head towards launching early this fall. 

Have you had a beer recently that opened your eyes to the possibility of a style? 

Happy Independence Day! I'll be at Petco Park, enjoying the finest beer baseball parks have to offer. I'll probably have Speedway Stout on tap, or I'll get one of the $15 bombers, which, yeah, that's a lot, but when you're dropping $10 on a regular beer, it's not so much. 

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