The Beer Release Round Up, 7/24/2014

Blake Smith, July 24, 2014
  1. Here's to 40 more years of Anchor Steam's Porter!
  2. "Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout has been bottled and is scheduled to hit the market starting August 1st!" - Cigar City. Couple of my tasting notes on this one: chewy, chocolate, tobacco. Here are the three previous year's Style+ for this one (118/119, 119, 120). Nope, not bad at all.
  3. Did you pick up some Barrel-Aged Muy Bonita from Funky Buddha, I sure hope you did.
  4. I know the release was a couple days ago, but I wanted to note that Cellarmaker had their first bottle release at the brewery. Jezebel is a Brett Drei Saison and great artwork!
  5. Check out the latest #CraftCANs from Oskar Blues. Featuring collabs with BrewDog, Two Brothers Beer and Fremont Brewing. All available in CO local to Oskar Blues.
  6. Sirius Black (Golden Sour w/Blackberries) is the newest release from The Rare Barrel. I'm really regretting having not joined their founders club. The are new-er to the leaderboards, but let me vouch their sours are amazing. I'd expect their numbers to increase as more sour drinkers are introduced to their beers.
  7. Looks like Evil Twin and Sante Adairius are about to be brewing up something tasty.
  8. From Modern Times: "BOTTLE RELEASE #2: Phalanx IPA! This peachy, juicy, robust IPA will start hitting shelves the 1st week of August"
  9. Prairie has some "brewery only releases" coming, here's one of them: Rustic House Ale (Ale aged in Oak w/ Brett).
  10. Cellarmaker is getting back to their roots and brewing up a Double IPA with Arne Johnson of Marin Brewing. Arne is a pioneer in the brewery industry and gave Tim his start at Marin. But back to beer, "'Honey Badger!' 240lbs of wildflower honey, hopped with Simcoe and Galaxy. We don't give a $#|+!!!" Cellarmaker's awesome, if you took them in the fantasy BG's league you already know that. Seriously drink their beer.

BONUS: I'd like to take a moment and recognize one of our very own BeerGraphs contributors. You may have seen it on Twitter yesterday, but Larry Koestler is happy to announce a new, NY craft brewery: Third Rail Beer. The launch will be in NYC on August 23rd, see the link here for more release party info. Congrats again Larry!

Thanks to user Blink on Wiki Commons for the header image.

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