Beer Chat -- 8/1/14

Eno Sarris, August 01, 2014

I'm such a baby when I'm sick. I feel like I'll never be healthy again. I watch people run and jump and smile and drink and think bad thoughts about them. I mope, I grunt, I whine, I sigh, I complain. Of course, it didn't help that this time it was bronchitis and it was during a move (my 35th in 35 years no less!), but still. People get tired of it, like the boy who cried wolf.

So you won't hear about me being sick here.

No, not at all. But I do look forward to looking forward to drinking a beer. Whenever that is. Sometime in the healthy, fun future. Where people run and jump and smile and drink and I'm there with them and Sublime is playing and the sun glints off my wife's glasses and my boy runs to hug me. 

Thanks so much for contributing and reading! 

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Drink! Listen! Enjoy!