The Beer Release Round Up, 8/7/2014

Blake Smith, August 07, 2014
  1. So Stone did it. They crowd funded over $1,000,000 dollars in just under three weeks. Regardless of how you feel about their funding strategy, that's pretty damn impressive. But they aren't done yet, they just announced a Stone x Avery collabo.
  2. "Friday, 8/8 at 4pm, Das Überkind Vieille Saison (Style+: 124, BAR: 3.71) will be available at our tasting room (limit 3)." - Jester King Craft Brewery
  3. Saaremaa Island Ale is the 6th release in Anchor's Zymaster Series.
  4. The Rare Barrel has some new souring technique that they want to tell you about in their debut Echo Series.
  5. Wicked Weed Brewing's French Toast Stout (Style+: 126, BAR: 4.11) is enjoying a nice Boubon Barrel rest before the Winter. If you are able to get over to the brewery next Thursday, you should be able to grab some on cask. Oh, and in case you didn't already hear, they're expanding! "... our plans for a 40,000 square foot production facility scheduled to open fall 2015. It will be located just outside town and dedicated to our non-sour brewpub beers and means more beer for everyone."
  6. "Picking up 60 lbs of Valencia oranges for our #californialove brew! Try our collaboration beer with 21st Ammendment set to release September 9th!!" - Smog City Beer
  7. Goose Island has announced their 2014 Boubon County Stout plus variants: Bourbon County Brand Stout, Proprietors which will "feature panela sugar that's made into a syrup with coconut water, Cassia bark (which is essentially cinnamon) and cocoa nibs," Vanilla Rye, Coffee (which will use Rwandan coffee from Intelligentsia and finally their Barleywine. Also, notice the shout out to Beergraphs in the article. Very cool!‚Äč

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