The Beer Release Round Up, 8/14/2014

Blake Smith, August 14, 2014
  1. 3floyds is explanding! MORE ZOMBIE DUST! But first, demolition.
  2. Head over to Side Project Brewing on Friday 5 PM EST for Batch 2 of Saison Du Blé (BAR: 5.75, Style+: 135)
  3. "We're turning 18 & you're invited to our party! #XVIII Anniversary Release 10.25.14, Info." - Firestone Walker. Limit to 3 bottles at the release party, it will also at their new canning hall. I had 805 in the can recently and might I add, I enjoyed it very much.
  4. Cigar City has collaborated with Rock Brothers Brewing Company and Kyle Hollingsworth (who you recently just did a collab with Stone Brewing) on a new Session IPA called Happening Now.
  5. Avery has unleashed the Beast (Grand Cru Ale), batch #12. 
  6. "Introducing #PrideofcHopsIPA. Brewed & bottled to commemorate the 20th anniversary of O’Brien’s Pub in San Diego.  Available 8/26, both #Beachwood locations, 5pm, $8/22oz. btl, 7.1% abv." - Beachwood Brewing
  7. Get over to Perennial Beer's tap room tomorrow for the draft release of their Peach Berliner Weisse.
  8. Almanac's new IPA is their proudest IPA moment yet. Plus they added more dry hops to this recipe than in the past. Yes, Aromatics!

Author's Note: I tweeted it last week but I think the Beer Curmudgeons (Sayre Piotrkowski, Beer Director at Hogs Apothecary & Collin McDonnell partner and brewer at HenHouse Brewing Co.) pilot podcast is worth a listen. They trace the beginnings of IPA to where it is today with John Gillooly, the headbrewer at Drakes Brewing. Then Ray Daniels of tells us how he really feels about IPAs and his thoughts on their current place in craft beer today. But I'm really more interested in what you think.

Thanks to user Blink on Wiki Commons for the header image.

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