Beer Chat -- 9/12/14

Eno Sarris, September 12, 2014

Price. Price per ounce would be such a powerful data point. Because I like Cascade's sours, and enjoyed the strawberry again last night, but do I like the average (strawberry) Cascade sour $30 much? I'll try a few more other Cascade sours before I decide, but price data would be nice. 

Of course, the not-so-expensive-but-super-awesome beers do manage to find their way into my fridge every week. Lagunitas Sucks, Stone Enjoy By, Drake's Aroma Coma, El Segundo's Hop Tanker, Firestone Walker Double Jack, AleSmith X, Saison Dupont, and my wife would make me put Lagunitas IPA on here. She wants a flat when she can start drinking again, so I can get my 'crazy beers' on my own time and she'll have something. 

What are your easy standbyes, the ones that don't cost too much? 

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