Welcome to New York, Almanac Brewing Company

Michael Donato, October 15, 2014

In the middle of September San Francisco's Almanac Brewing Company's beers first started showing up on shelves around New York City, and shortly after I was drinking one in my living room. Which is no surprise considering how often the brewery is mentioned here at BeerGraphs. So I approached it with a lot of hype coming in, and it did not disappoint.


Sours are expensive, so I stuck to two. I picked the Cerise Sour Blond, because I love cherry beer, and the Golden Gate Gose because I like goses and the Golden Gate is iconic. I do really want to try the Bourbon Sour Porter though, that's next for me next time I'm at that store. I'm drinking the Gose while writing this post.


The Cerise Blond (3.47 BAR, 120 Style+), pictured above, was delicious. It poured an orange color, that I'd almost describe as blood orange. The aroma is one of sour cherry, as you'd expect. The sour cherry similar to what you'd get in a pack of bubble gum. First taste is, predictably, sour, but it follows quickly with cherry. It finishes tart, with just enough juicy fruit sweetness to make you crave the next sip. 


I wanted to break down the beers individually in New York to see how they were received, but there aren't quite enough check-ins. Sours can be a hit or miss style, and perhaps enough of you aren't reading BeerGraphs to realize how great Almanac is. There are only 223 check-ins in our sample, within a 70 mile circle of NYC, which I chose to encompass those of us in North Jersey that grab beers from nearby New York but check-in locally. 

New York


San Francisco




So the initial rush is a good one. New Yorkers agree with me that it's a worthwhile brewery. The Golden Gate Gose (1.16 BAR, 114 Style+) is yummy too. I prefer the cerise because there is more going on, but this is still tasty. It has more of the lighter citrusy notes associated with wheat beers, but sour. Now that I mention wheat and sour, it does remind me of some of the sourdough bread characteristics. Goses are often brewed with salt, and until I remembered that I would not have picked it out, but now that I have I can't help but notice the salty finish on every sip. It's an excellent gose but goses are not for everyone. 


Almanac and their sours are welcome additions to New York's growing craft beer selection, and I look forward to trying something else from them, probably the Bourbon Sour Porter if they have it, soon.


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