Beer Chat -- 10/24/14

Eno Sarris, October 24, 2014

You know you're in a healthy industry when it's news that the rate of growth has slowed. As you may have noticed from the posted link in our news feed here at BeerGraphs, powered by Cold Brew Post, craft beer grew less than 20% in the last four weeks

It's hard to parse that. As the first and only comment on the piece suggests, perhaps some of the craft dollar is going to German imports and Oktoberfest beers right now. That or other seasonal effects, as the summer has ended and perhaps there are fewer ways and days to day drink now. 

The other suggestions don't make a ton of sense. It can't be some sort of hop-shortage/drought-driven IPA problem, craft IPA is super healthy as the story continues to point out. It can't be that the big beers are stealing the dollar -- big super premium as a category is up, but only 10%. Those stupid margarita beers are down 40%, maybe some small amount of evidence that everyone's tastebuds haven't been shot. Mexican imports are up, but it's doubtful they're taking the craft dollar. Especially as mostly lite beers in the fall. 

So it's probably just a seasonal thing. 

Eh, I don't like pumpkin beers either. 

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