Podcast Drinkalong: Episode 14

Michael Donato, January 19, 2015

0:10 I’ve really started to like the intro music.


0:40 Shirt’s cadence feels off so far.


1:15 woah, special guest Jimmy! Last time I drank along their was a surprise guest as well. Last time it was a brother. This time it’s a guy pulling back a curtain? Hmm. Does my listening while drinking magically create more guests for the show?


3:10 describing BeerSport. I’m staring at my beers waiting to taste them.


3:22 Of course the day I’ve got beers poured is when they remember to do preconceived notions.


3:30 I don’t think there is a real advantage to a seasonal over a year round. If anything, the year round has gone through more batches, gotten more practice.


4:30 Diving into APPEARANCE. Very close in color. T-Bone goes for Hop Ranch. Jimmy concurs based on glow. Shirt goes Dirtwolf and I concur with him. I like the more gold color and the head was less carbonated, Hop Ranch seems overly carbonated. 


6:15 AROMA. Hop Ranch. Shirt calls lemongrass. I can see that. Maybe a little sweeter citrus, more of a orange? 


Dirt Wolf is a more resiny Grapefruit? Yeah, I smell that. Like a warm grapefruit though, with a dash of honey? (the best way to eat grapefruit) T-Bone laments that he let it touch his nose. I did that in the Hop Ranch. oops. Maybe a little bit of grape on the Dirtwolf.


7:30 T-Bone. Hop Ranch. Jimmy agrees. Shirt agrees.  I don’t. I like the Dirtwolf, but it’s a preference thing. Very close. I just got more aroma out of the Dirtwolf. I should point out that I’m drinking them out of IPA glasses, which in my experience I struggle to get as much pure aroma out of as compared to a tulip. 


8:40 Audio from Victory describing where Dirt Wolf and Hop Ranch come from. 


10:25 Woah, they started drinking during the audio! Now I’m behind! Is it woah or whoa?


10:45  TASTE. Hop Ranch. Pineapple taste, but that’s not Tropical Fruit. Debate about tropical fruits? Guava’s tropical, but not the same family for sure. that’s a dark fruit. I do find some pineapple in here. I get a nice juicy feel to it like Shirt, but it’s a shallow juice. fleeting. It leaves a tart flavor on the tongue like a more acrid fruit than Pineapple though. There’s some sweetness there too, the malt starts coming through after a couple of big sips. 


DirtWolf. They notice the booziness more in the Dirtwolf despite lower ABV. I agree, though 8. and 9 are basically the same.  I notice a little more of a burn with the DirtWolf. I get maybe a hint of those more darker tropical fruits, like a guava. Definitely a tarter, more in your face taste to the DirtWolf. The Hop Ranch is a gentle rolling wave, whereas you can surf on the DirtWolf.


13:20 Shirt talking about lacing. Notices better lacing on the Dirt Wolf now, but for me the Hop Ranch still has foam all the way up the side, as you can see from the header picture. The dirt wolf’s head is sturdier though.


14:02 Woah, was that deja vu? Glitch in the matrix? Oh, we’re bleeping Jimmy? or not bleeping Jimmy? This is confusing. Talking about introducing Jimmy to IPAs. Apparently Shirt doesn’t text back fast enough when you’re texting him from the beer store, which I shall keep in mind, even though I have never texted him nor have his phone number.  


15:22 I get it. We’re bleeping Jimmy out with a computerized ‘Jimmy’ audio clip. Maybe his name isn’t even really Jimmy!


16:00 Shirt tastes the malt in the DirtWolf. For me I find the Hops more aggressive in the DirtWolf, so I noticed the malt more in the HopRanch. 


16:30 We’re talking about the..Azatka? Hop. I’m going to have to look up the spelling of that. It’s the hop that is in the HopRanch with Mosaic. It’s spelled Azacca.


18:09 Jimmy, following up on T-Bone’s thoughts on the hop, both think Aztec origins. But apparently it’s the Haitian God for Agriculture? A+ name for a hop.


18:40 Taste winner. T-Bone goes Hop Ranch. Shirt talking about how the Hop Ranch is a little mellower. Earthier. Lemongrass. Barn thing? Yes, I would think the name perhaps plays in? Does this taste like a ranch?  Jimmy picks Hop Ranch. 


I’m really getting the grapefruit in the Hop Ranch now. It’s definitely that characteristic Mosaic taste. 


21:43 Shirt picks Hop Ranch, going ummamious? umami? I should just not try to spell that. I’m going Dirt Wolf though. It’s just a richer flavor to me, and I like that. If I recall, I disagreed with them on the last drinkalong too. This is really close though. 


22:22 Apparently this Azacca hop is very specialized and only a few breweries get it. So it used to have a number and now they named it, which is pretty cool. I love new hop varieties. 


23:45 Talking about yeast strains unique to breweries and signature tastes. I think Yeast is something that’s going to be the ‘next big thing’ in craft beer. It’s the one ingredient that hasn’t gotten quite as geeky as the others. 


24:56 BeerGraphs leaderboards shout out. These are 1-2 among Victory’s beers, which is not really surprising. 


25:20 FEEL. Shirt liking the weight of DirtWolf. Talking about my IPA glass. I don’t think it takes away from the heaviness too much, but I would agree that it still feels lighter than the last time I had it. It’s just feeling heavier up against the HopRanch, which is definitely lighter.


26:35 T-Bone runs hot like a 2-cycle engine.


27:05 Interesting. Shirt suggests that the Hop Ranch might be TOO light in the IPA glass and that does sorta mesh with what I’m tasting. 


The Hop Ranch feels spicy now, and I’m getting some of the heaviness and booziness. Perhaps as it’s warming? I had these out for about 15 minutes before starting, so now another half hour in the booze is coming through more. 


28:50 Jimmy is a germ freak. Dirtwolf is his pick for feel. 


29:25 Dirtwolf cotton candies, Hop Ranch hangs out and does things in your mouth. I would’ve disagree 20 minutes ago, but with the added warmth I get a different nuance to the Hop Ranch each time I drink it.


29:45 OVERALL. T-Bone. Hop Ranch, which seems to go against his preconceived notions. Shirt concurs. Dirt Wolf is very good, but Hop Ranch is more unique. This is the Azacca hop’s uniqueness biasing us. Jimmy goes Hop Ranch as well. I want to go Hop Ranch too, which is weird because I gave every other category to Dirt Ranch. If I had to grade them right now, I’d probably give back the taste and feel to Hop Ranch. Blog Post Idea: Tasting notes across different temperatures.


31:30 It IS interesting that one is an Imperial IPA and one is a Double IPA. those are technically the same thing so it’s weird that a brewery would brew one of each.


32:00  Hop Ranch is #1 on the leaderboards, but under the American IPA category. Dirtwolf is a double IPA and #2. This won’t affect BAR, but it makes Style+ comparisons iffy. 


I might be regretting doing two DIPAs at 10pm on a weeknight. 


33:21 WINNERS! Tally them up! HopWolf 10 tallys, DirtWolf 5. I assume he means HopRanch. So HopRanch wins. That’s fair. I think it‘s a more interesting beer. DirtWolf is a typical double IPA but HopRanch is just more interesting and has more complex flavors, mainly thanks to the Azacca hop. 


34:44 End of the BeerSport


35:10 Twitter vs T-Bone and pouring of the Surprise Beer. 


35:30 @kpfoster55 asks “Dirtwolf reminds me of a mythical beast, Which mythical creatures do you like?” 


36:08 Stone Ruination IPA! Which was hidden in the back of Shirt’s Podcast post image. 


37:00 Jimmy is aware that Ruination was Shirt’s first BeerGraphs post about ruining his linen pants. Boom!


37:34 Mythical creature. T-Bone talking about another dimension opening, animals coming out. Not the Langoliers. Wooly Mammoth with octopus tentacles. The Umammoth. 


38:33 Next question. Fittingly from...Me! (Follow me on Twitter @Ceetar) “Funniest named local town? I offer up Hauppauge from Long Island. Pronounced “Hop Hog”. VirginVille. T-Bone spent a lot of years there. BlueBall. BirdInHand? Intercourse (That’s the winner, I have a shirt from there). Hershey is Her She. double Pronoun. Good answers! Other good Long Island towns: Ronkonkoma. Patchogue, Wantagh. 


39:41 T-Bone presents new segment called “Work In Progress”. 


Interjection: Shirt mentions how much Ruination is a distant third when compared to the other two. It’s been a while since I’ve had it, but I tend to agree. 


“Face Congress” segment. T-Bone asked face a question. “What’s the next innovation in beer food? I recently tried Beer Ketchup and enjoyed it.” Now Shirt has to answer, and apparently he can’t say Salad Dressing because Eno apparently did that. So this is apparently T-Bone versus Twitter twisted into T-Bone bringing questions to J.R. Shirt. FACE CONGRESS!


What’s the next thing to happen in Beer Food?


J.R. Shirt: “Olives filled with beer. But I don’t like Olives.” I think that’s a stretch. Beer in olives? Shirt hasn’t had an olive? okay then..


T-Bone presents Beer Taffy. For what it’s worth, I have made bacon candy brushed with beer, and it’s freaking amazing. Last time I did it I used Long Trail Harvest which is a brown ale brewed with maple. Basically you stick the bacon in the oven and brush it every 15 minutes or so with a beer glaze. You get a candied bacon when you’re done that’s crunchy and delicious.
44:15 Blizzard of Hops talk. It IS a good beer. I will, pending the weather, be doing a post pairing Blizzard of Hops with an actual blizzard that will feature me drinking a beer outside while it’s snowing. It might also feature my wife rolling her eyes at me. 


45:13 Shirt to Jimmy: Please don’t describe my basement. Talking about Cat5 cable, and ductwork. I need to have my a-coil cleaned, fwiw, because it’s causing my furnace to overheat and shut off.


46:07 Shirt doesn’t know where one of his ethernet cables goes. 


46:33 “There’s sagging ductwork everywhere.”


46:56 “This is legit”


47:12 T-Bone and Shirt have the same socks on and Shirt is wearing Spandex thermal underwear. They are clearly enjoying a Friday evening. 


48:00 Jimmy pulls back the curtain. Wants to point out that T-Bone’s t-charts are really just lines are a page. Shirt: “It’s very different than Yatzhee!” Jimmy: “His speaking points are truly just words on a piece of paper”


49:10 Shirt: “Speaking of Hulk Hogan.” To T-Bone “Do you remember what size my thighs are?”


50:00 This is degenerating FAST and Shirt cuts us out. I kind of wish he’d just left us there listening to them drunkenly ramble through half the night. 


Now my beer is done as well. The next BeerSport will feature two porters. Sierra Nevada versus Deschutes. I will not be drinking along to that one, as I don’t think I’ve seen the Sierra Nevada Porter and don’t have access to Deschutes, though I had it when I visited Oregon so many moons ago. I accidentally called it “Black Butt” when ordering it in a bar. Have I mentioned my New York State education didn’t include phonics? We had a phonics book in first grade for literally two weeks and then they scrapped the lesson plan.