The BeerGraphs Staff Brings a Beer to Your Super Bowl Party

Eno Sarris, January 30, 2015

Dan Wade: I need suggestions. My wife prefers hops/IPAs but my guests shy away from the bitter stuff. I'm thinking of going Sixth Glass/Long Strange Tripel but was going to grab a second sixer of something. Thoughts?

Eno Sarris: An American Pale Ale? Where are you?

Alex RemingtonIn general, I find browns, ambers, and sessionable porters to be the best middle-of-the-road choices — neither too hoppy for the anti-IPA crowd nor too rich for the anti-stout crowd. A couple of thoughts from the top of my head:

Original Flag Porter
Union Balt Altbier
Duck-Rabbit Amber
Old Speckled Hen
Brooklyn Brown
Oskar Blues Old Chub
possibly Orkney Skullsplitter

Harris King: I am invited to a super bowl party and plan on showing up with several quarts of Sucks. I love the stuff and think the quarts give the selection the (seemingly) low-brow feel I am going for.

Jen Rizzo: "Sessionable" is exactly the key for me. I'm not sure I've ever been to a Super Bowl party that was under 6 hours. I don't know about all of you, but at the rate I tend to throw beer into my body, this is not time for a 9% beer. 

What I'll maybe be drinking:

Stone Go-To IPA (4.5%)
Stone Coffee Milk Stout (4.2%)
Lagunitas DayTime (4.65%)
Drake's 1500 (5.5%)
Cellarmaker Typo Pills (5.5%)

But really, for me, it's "take three growlers to your favorite brewery, load 'em up on things you think will be globally popular with your beer-drinking and less-beer-drinking friends alike; give preference to anything under 6% and preferably under 5%". 

(Okay, maybe four growlers. I'm really into our new growler-friendly brewery in SF.)

Dan WadeI'm going one Belgian for sure (Sixth glass, Long Strange Tripel, Golden Monkey). Beyond that, I really like the APA suggestion (I'll do Two Brothers' Sidekick Pale Ale) or potentially a cream ale (Urban Growler or Dangerous Man probably). 

Michael DonatoI'm probably going to drink mostly Sixpoint Beast Mode or Troegs Nugget Nectar if I can fine it. Beast Mode feels like it would be pretty universally appealing, it's on the hoppy side because everything Sixpoint is, but with richness and diversity of flavor. 

Jen RizzoIf I could drink a beer called Beast Mode during the Super Bowl, I would absolutely do that. Hysterical.

Josh Augustine: Hopefully that beer is finished fermenting and not still in Yeast Mode.

Hey, been great talking to everyone, I'll see you next week.

Dan Wade:

Harris King: To expand on my earlier reply, I suspect I will be the only person bringing good beer, ie, for me. The quarts of Sucks will be for shock effect (Das Auge trinkt mit), but I will also more than likely bring a couple of growlers. Westbrook’s Batch 1000 IPA is available and so is the “Funkmaster Brett” IPA from Charleston’s Revelry Brewing. Yes, I purchase for myself, am unapologetic about it, but I will gladly share with/educate others if they so wish.

Ben Sammis: I may not even watch the Super Bowl, but if I do it'll either be with several Founders All Day or one Velvet Merkin. 

Blake Smith: There's always a ton of adjunct lager crap at things like these, so I usually make a point to bring better beer. In the end if it's just me drinking it, then it's still a win. I always try and bring like quality Pils (FW-Pivo) and then an APA or IPA (Drakes 1500, Sculpin). Maybe I'll cross the two styles and bring Sierra Nevada's Hoppy Lager.

Dan McCloskey: Haven't been to a Super Bowl party in three years (I have a three-year old, coincidence?), but the last one I went to was with my Giants fans friends in New York for the last Pats-Giants Super Bowl. I've always been the type to bring mixed 12-packs to these types of gatherings, so I opted for Blue Point and Saranac (NY-state brewed beers). If I had to do it all over again, I'd probably grab some Sixpoint as well, even though the mix pack would not be an option. 

Josh Augustine: Pun gags aside, I'll grab whatever fallback IPA is handy, Odell IPA or Fresh Squeezed, or Deviant Dale, since something like that will stand up to typical grease and cheese laden Super Bowl foods without weighing too heavily. I don't pay much attention to ABV since someone will show up with a bottle of bourbon anyway.

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