Beer Chat -- 5/8/15

Eno Sarris, May 08, 2015

Heh. I could have two or three *more* cans of beer ready for this weekend's trip down to cayucos. But I didn't search the box well enough and here I am. What can you do. I still have a nice collection of sours and IPAs and a hope that I can hit the beer store one more time before I leave. 

Really, I'm staring a hole into this Founders' Kentucky Breakfast Stout. It's so small, and I'm going to hang out with at least four or five people that will want some of it.

Should I even bring it? 

On one hand, I'd like us all to taste it, and it's more appropriate to have a great beer with others so you can talk about it. We could probably get three ounces each, almost a professional taste tester's minimum (four). It's enough to have a couple drinks and enjoy it, but not enough to see what it's like when it warms, probably. So I'd get about 60% of the taste testing experience when it comes to the beer itself, but a more complete experience when it comes to the social aspect. 

I mean, I can't have it alone, feverishly typing into untappd and twitter by myself after the kid's asleep, on a Sunday night between trips, can I? That seems so sad.

Beer is social. I'll bring it. Maybe I'll break it out when a few people are out of the house. 

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