East Coast BeerGraphs Meetup

J. R. Shirt, June 23, 2015

So let's meet up. The Chicago BeerGraphs meetup usually takes place during the All-Star Break, which will be here before we know it, and I – unable to get to Chicago this year – would like to have something on the East Coast. Essentially, I'm reaching out to the BeerGraphs faithful to see if you have any ideas or suggestions.


The week of the All-Star Break works best for me as well, but I'm flexible. It might be neat – yes, neat – to do it on the same day as the Chicago Meetup: Thursday, July 16th. But maybe weeknights don't work for East Coasters. Maybe the week after the All-Star Break works better. You let me know. Yes, you, specifically, let me, specifically, know. Preferably in the comments.


Where should it be? I'm leaning Philadelphia, because it's a touch closer for me, but we could also do NYC. Hell, we could do both – but probably not in the same week.


And now specifically, where? If in Philly, we could do it at the new Tired Hands Fermentaria, which Michael Donato wrote about, or we could do the original Tired Hands Brew Cafe, where I've been known to drink alone. Or we could do Monk's, or Kraftwork (they celebrate/celebrated their Five year Birthday on 6/23/15). Or we could do some other Philly Bar – there are tons – with some usually awesome tap list. We could even head to some place on the outskirts of the city like the Churchville or the Hulmeville or some other ville.


If it's in NYC, we could do Threes Brewing in Brooklyn, their space sounds pretty cool. Or Evil Twin's Tørst? Is Brooklyn too far? That's the impression I've gotten from years of Seinfeld and generally that show has been right about most things. Awhile back, Eno Sarris did one, a meetup I mean, at the Ginger Man – I'm not sure how that went though because I did not attend – but we could do it there. Or anywhere else for that matter.


Basically, I'm just out here, on the street, wearing a Statue of Liberty costume and a sandwich board, crowd-sourcing for possibilities. All I know right now is that I'll be there, T-Bone will be there, and that if needed I can and will just pick a time and place and see who else shows up (so if your in the “just tell me where and when and I'm there” camp please let me know that, too).  We'll talk about beer, baseball, and Eno.


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