Best New May and/or June Beer

Eno Sarris, June 29, 2015

While we don't yet have a time filter on the leaderboards, we're going to have to keep running this for you. Here are the top ten beers over the last two months, by Beers Above Replacement. 

Beer Name Brewery Name BAR Style+
Conduct of Life #1 Hill Farmstead Brewery 6.0 121.6
Artaic Trillium 5.1 114.2
Mosaic Other Half Brewing 5.0 117.7
Stone Enjoy By 07.04.15 IPA Stone Brewing Co. 4.8 107.3
Yellow Belly Sundae Omnipollo 4.4 109.1
Raspberry Sour Avery Brewing Company 4.3 106.5
Born To Die BrewDog 4.2 108.3
Santilli Night Shift Brewing 3.8


Rojzilla Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales 3.5 108.3
Fulton St Blend Coffee Ale Goose Island Beer Co. 3.2



I just had my first Hill Farmstead Sunday and it was amazing, but the fact that Trillium as had two straight leaderboard beers must also be recoginzed. They were the seventh and eleventh best beers of the first quarter, and here Trillium is again as the second best beer of May and June. 

And I love Mosaic beers -- Karl Strauss Mosaic session, Fieldwork Watershed -- so I'm all about having an Other Half Mosaic beer, please do give me that if you can. Even if I think the recent Enjoy Bys have been less fruity, I'll take that Enjoy By as a fruity IPA as well. 

Night Shift is an interesting new brewery in Boston, and we've had our eyes on them from early. Jolly Pumpkin Sours and Avery Sours and Omnipollo anything... these are great beers from small breweries, but you must have any new beer from these small breweries. 

Sort the list by style plus, and a few beers rise to the top. BrewDog's Deaf Mermaid moves up. Milk and Two Sugars, an Australian milk stout from BrewCult, looks like a must drink. An Imperial Porter from Maryland's Heavy Seas -- Blackbeard's Breakfast, gets a little love, too. 

In general, the month looks a little short. Only 22 new beers showed up as above-average by BAR, and one was Hill Farmstead, one was a Goose Island Coffee Ale, One was a Jolly Pumpkin Rioja spin off, and one was an Enjoy By. Those barely count as new beers. 

Instead, celebrate Other Half's Mosaic, and the fact that BrewDog brewed two new above-average beers in the last month and a half. All while most breweries took a break.