BeerGraphs Chicago Meetup Thursday July 16

Eno Sarris, July 02, 2015

It's that time of year again.

Time to gather around adult beverages ($4 pints!) and appetizers (free thanks to FanGraphs and BeerGraphs!) and talk baseball with some of your favorite writers. Thursday, July 16th, at the Rocking Horse in Chicago, FanGraphs and BeerGraphs have invited the writers below to come and be merry with you. This is a 21-and-over event -- we know you would have rioted if the beer selection wasn't top notch -- but if we keep packing these things, we'll do more of these in different venues and styles.

See you soon.

The Rocking Horse, Chicago Thursday, July 16th, 6-10pm

Eno Sarris, FanGraphs and BeerGraphs
Matt Dennewitz, BeerGraphs 
Ben Sammis, BeerGraphs 
Jeff Gross, Hardball Times and SaBEERmetrics 
‚ÄčRodney Knox, BeerTastesLike
Craig Edwards, FanGraphs 
Dan Hayes, CSNChicago 
Dayn Perry, CBSSports 
Harry Pavlidis, Baseball Prospectus and BrooksBaseball 
Andy Behrens, Yahoo 
Sahadev Sharma, BaseballProspectus 
JJ Stankevitz, CSNChicago 
Jonathan Judge, BaseballProspectus 
Scott Lindholm, BP Wrigleyville 
Tim Baffoe, CBS Chicago 
Dan Santaromita and Matt Cassidy, FutureSox