East Coast BeerGraphs Meetups: Brooklyn (7/11) and Philly (7/16)

J. R. Shirt, July 06, 2015

It's really happening! T-Bone and I, will be traveling the East Coast for not one, but two Beergraphs meetups.

Come out to Threes Brewing in Brooklyn on Saturday, July 11th (yes, that's this Saturday), from 6 to 10pm and chat about beer and baseball with T-Bone (a Phillies apologist), me, and fellow BeerGrapher Michael Donato (we're both Mets fans), and who knows who else all while drinking a delicious adult beverage. Just look for the guy in glasses wearing the BeerGraphs t-shirt (pictured above, although I am currently more stubbled than bearded), introduce yourself, and I might just buy your first one. So again, that's Threes on 7/11 from 6 to 10pm. So many numbers – a BeerGraphers Dream!

Phase two will be happening down in Philadelphia at Jose Pistola's on Thursday, July 16th (the same night as the Chicago meetup), starting at 6pm. So come and out eat delicious tacos with T-Bone and I and who knows who else (hopefully fellow BeerGraphs contributors Alex Fossi and Nick Campion) and talk more beer, more baseball, and really whatever else you like. Bring prepared talking points if like. And again, look for the guy wearing glasses in the BeerGraphs shirt (I'll wash it, I promise), introduce yourself, and I might just buy your first one.

Both days we'll be in town the entire day doing other beer related stuff. In Brooklyn, we're hoping to get to Transmitter Brewing (that's Long Island City, actually), Tørst, and Other Half Brewing Company. In Philly, the day is still a little more fluid – we might do Tired Hands or Neshaminy Creek (The Shape Of Hops To Come has just been released) and then probably Pizzeria Beddia and whatever else we can fit in before heading to Jose's at 6pm. So if you got nothing going those days and would like to join us for pre-meetup festivities, just reach out on Twitter @beeronmyshirt.

See you soon.