An Update on That Enjoy By Story

Eno Sarris, August 06, 2015

On Tuesday, we uncovered the header image and thought we had a story about when a retailer finally did something -- really ugly -- about some old Enjoy By they had lying around and wanted to sell. You know, the high water point, the moment when the market decided it cared a little bit about freshness, but not that much.

Turns out, we were wrong in one of our major assumptions. Stone Brewing stepped in and updated us on the specifics of the situation:

So it's not really a big freshness moment, it's just a brewery thinking on the fly about what to do with their limited release beer in a few locations that was without the correct six pack case. 

... Honestly, though, it may have been better to just sell those as singles, don't you think? Maybe the choice was made by the retailer, maybe the choice was a short-term fix as they work to correct it, but still, it doesn't seem like the best result. 

This was a limited release, very popular beer, with a date on it, front and center. They had to have known the picture would have gone viral at some point?

If selling it in a six pack was a requirement, and there was no other way to handle the situation, well, then it's just an unfortunate set of circumstances plus a misunderstanding, which really is the best way to have fun.