Beer Chat -- 10/23/15

Eno Sarris, October 23, 2015

The Mets won, maybe you heard. I'd played this game before with the Giants because I was going to start a local (co-op) brewery (so that my shortcomings in the brewing department would be lessened) here at one point, but a chatter asked me to come up with some Mets beer names and I did my best. Remember, it's a chat, so no prep work, in case you think they are lame-o. I'll also add the ones the chatters came up with, given a little more time than I had. 

David WrightPA (say it out loud)
Wilmer Floral Saison
Curtis Granderson Cru
Noah Synder (Bier du) Gaarde 

Pretty bad.

Gose-nis Cespedes
Kirk NieuwenWeisse (Michael Donato's so obviously great)
Portolo Colon (really good)
Dudabrau (awesome) 
Juan Uribeer (the best?)

I can't really improve on them. These are no better:
Stephen Matzbock
Jacob Biere deGrom (better, right)
Jeurys la Familiar

If you open it up into the rest of baseball, you get some good ones. 

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