BeerGraphs Meetup in Chicago

Eno Sarris, July 08, 2013

Yes. We will do more of these. Because they are fun. On July 18th, we won't have baseball to watch, and that will make this a support group meetup of sorts. Come talk to us about the first half of real baseball, or fantasy baseball, or about brewing, or about beer, or about life. Thanks to all of these great writers that have agreed to come for this informal Q&A session. Ask for the FanGraphs event, as we'll have a space. Sorry youngsters, this is a 21 and over event.

We may yet add a few members of the brewing scene in Chicago, so stayed tuned.

July 18, 4pm -- 8+pm, Fizz, Chicago

Eno Sarris (BeerGraphs, FanGraphs)
Matt Dennewitz (BeerGraphs, Pitchfork)
J.R. Shirt (BeerGraphs)
Greg Sasso (BeerGraphs)
Jeff Gross (Hardball Times, SaBEERmetrics)
Carson Cistulli (FanGraphs)
Dayn Perry (FanGraphs, CBS Sports)
David Wiers (FanGraphs)
Bradley Woodrum (FanGraphs)
Cee Angi (SBNation)
T.K. Gore (CSNChicago/NBCSports)
Dan Hayes (CSNChicago)
Kevin Holden (CBS Milwaukee)
Harry Pavlidis (BrooksBaseball)
Sahadev Sharma (ESPNChicago)
Scott Skillings (STATS)
JJ Stankevitz (CSNChicago)