Beer Chat -- Holliday Edition

Eno Sarris, December 18, 2015

I love you people to death, and I feel like we have a great community growing here. But I also think we'll all be traveling shortly, with a mid-week Christmas, and this way, we can just check in and talk about things when we want to. So I'll leave this up for a while. 

I'll be in San Diego, drinking in North Park next Monday, for people that are around. And generally around in San Diego until New Year's Eve, trying to get some Abnormal and an Acoustic Ales Run for the Hills and maybe plan a trip to Oceanside because there's great beer up there. 

Are any of you planning some beer in your holidays? Would love to hear about it. 

And, thanks. Thank you for hanging out here, thanks for commenting, thanks for writing, thanks for RTing, thanks for checking us out, thanks for sorting our boards. If any of you think you have something to say, let me know and we'll give you platform. We're working on getting some more data and so research should take a leap forward. We have ideas and with a little help, this next year should be super awesome. 

In the meantime, enjoy your holidays! Check in and tell us about anything fun.

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