The Future of Craft Beer, According to Cicerone Founder

Eno Sarris, January 28, 2016


This one is simple, because the analysis is not mine. Instead, let's storify the twitter feed of Ray Daniels, who created the american Cicerone organization that certifies people to advise other people about beer. He went on a rant that was very interesting. 

I'm not sure I shop by style not brand, but maybe that is a worry. You have your IPA slot, your DIPA slot, your stout slot, and that means every brewery is barking at each other to get into the same slot. 

But I did just spend the weekend with an importer, and I could hear that there are challenges to bringing in European beers to the American marketplace. And though I remain optimistic about craft beer, part of that optimism is related to beer in certain locations -- that's basically the argument that Ray Daniels makes about the tasting room. 

Beer will still be local, beer will still be fresh and tasty in your city, and great beer will still be traded. We said as much on the podcast this week when we talked about it. 

But Big Beer may force this sort of change up on craft beer. It's worth thinking about as it comes to happen.