Beer Chat 2/5/16

Eno Sarris, February 05, 2016

I'm having a superbowl party but it's really about all those great beers in the fridge and getting my good buddies over to my house in order to try and sample all those great beers in the fridge. I don't think I could care less about the game -- this is the correct way to use the phrase in my opinion -- and even the commercials are stupid. We'll get the kids to run around the house, one person I invite might watch the game closely, maybe even have some skin in the game, but I'll be either chasing a child or hurriedly gathering everyone around the beer fridge for beer in little glasses.

Craft beer lets me access that host in me -- I don't need to host all those people I used to have at my parties if I can hold court a little with the good beer. Same juice.

Oh man, that's not something you should admit to enjoying, I guess, holding court. But F it, it's a decent description of what I often do at parties I host, because I know a little about the beer and in my experience things are more enjoyable the more someone tells you about the thing. (I could see this rubbing someone the wrong way.)

I struggled with this a little in college in a different way, because I wondered if I really liked Abstract Expressionism or if I just liked it because I had a good teacher and there were really good live examples to look at all around the bay area. More knowledge makes this more interesting to me.

And maybe a time in my life sort of thing. Some people really hate AbEx and I can't blame them. I can't separate some music from the context in which I heard it (reggae), maybe that's true for beer. 

But beer? Something in me shrinks back from that. I can't actually think of a beer that I like too much because of the circumstances, I say to myself. I've written about beer and context and I can see matching a good beer of a certain style with certain situations, but even though I drank a lot of Old English 40s back in the day and I had fun doesn't mean those forties were actually good. I'm trying to guess which beer I like too much. Pinkus Organic Ur-Pils? Saison Dupont? Firestone Walker Double Jack isn't even a top ten beer for me any more I don't think. I move on. 

I tell myself I just like good beer, context be damned, but I bet there's a beer I've liked that there's a different consensus on. AleSmith X? Knee Deep Breaking Bud? Or the opposite. Fat Tire? Anchor Steam?

What beer has you disagreeing with consensus most? 

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