Beer Chat -- 2/19/16

Eno Sarris, February 19, 2016

I had a regular old Sculpin tonight, from Costco. It was delicious. 

It was a real grounding moment. All those traded-for beers, and a fresh Sculpin was better than half of them. And I hadn't had one in a while because I was busy drinking all those dang beers. But we had people over, and they bought one of those boxes, and here I am, more excited to drink all the Sculpins than to necessarily crack all those stouts in the fridge.

I recommend going and having an old favorite this weekend.

It's already getting warm again! Headed off on vacation! Then to Arizona for Spring Training! I read once somewhere that you should use three exclamation marks in a headline for extra emphasis and it's good for the hits!!! Why three and does it work in other situations with other marks???

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