Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, February 23, 2016

It wasn't a three-day weekend for most people, but we decided to visit family on the big island in Hawaii. And then my sixteen-month-old got something that made him puke and sleep poorly when we arrived. So between those two things, in conclusion, I awarded myself a three-day weekend! Huzzah! 

I'm trying not to spend too much money, but I keep falling into good beers, though. Had a decent weekend despite all the snot. 

Boulevard Tell-Tale Tart Sour

I wish this beer was more of a sour or more of a fruit beer. It's malty and fruity and sour but not enough of any one thing for me. I'm sorry. It's a great name for a beer. 

Rare Barrel / New Belgium Err on the Side of Awesome 
Russian River Pliny the Younger Triple IPA
Drake's Hopocalypse (Green Label) DIPA

I did a tv thing downtown and then had a choice between Cellarmaker and City Beer Store and Toronados, with food decisions to make too. I thought I'd see a friend, and I didn't want to buy beer for the fridge before traveling, so I just went and had a sandwich at Estellas and a beer at Toronado's (a decent dark ish sour from rare barrel and new belgium that needed a little more fruit I think) and then I heard this guy say "when are you guys tapping" and I was like aw awesome, I know what that means.

Pliny the Younger is really good! It may not be the best beer ever, but it's a bright fresh triple IPA, which is saying something. When it's bad -- it's not as amazing some years -- it gets syrupy and thick. It wasn't that this year. I enjoyed it very much. 

Took some time off, ate food, drank water, ate food again, and had some Drakes with my family at home. The wife and I liked it. Some good floral piney ipa things going on there, good aroma.

Crux Fermentation Project Half Hitch IPA

A mostly mosaic full bodied non cat piss beer! I've had more Crux since and haven't had anything better than this, but I'll keep trying, because that's how much I like the Half Hitch. The rest of the night was for packing. I might have had a Fresh Squeezed if it was hanging out in my fridge.

Gigantic Ume Umai Pilsner
Breakside Amuse Saison

Arrived on the big island (or is the Big Island), and my gracious host offered me some beers from his fridge, which he admitted were bad -- and this is key -- that there were other beers in the other fridge by the pool. I said I'd like to see what's by the pool. I got called a snob for that, but I was like, I woulda had some of those beers and not said a word if I didn't know there might be better around the corner. Give me that. 

And because I wrinkled my nose, we got a nice plum pilsner 'with a little fur' from Gigantic. I enjoyed that beer but wished there were a few more people around to share it. 

The Breakside saison was really enjoyable! Bright, lemony, with some nice mouthfeel -- the Amuse also finished clean enough that I wanted more. That's a good beer.

Cambridge Audacity of Hops Belgian IPA

I think we had some No-Li beers in here, but I won't report on them, I can't remember them. I just wanted to check in from the pool and say the Audacity of Hops was v enjoyable. My notes call it a 'fresh and fruity belgian pale ale,' but I remember it as a coming together of two traditions. I tasted that with those bumps on my tongue.