Beer Chat -- 3/17/16

Eno Sarris, March 18, 2016

Some time around three, I decided to open the box that had arrived. Inside were two Jester Kings, a Lonely Pint Yellow Rose, and an assortment of other goodies from Texas. I couldn't wait to drink them. 

Some time around four oc'lock, my day care called and said the baby had a 100 fever (which, barely, but sure okay) and I had to pick him up. I groaned, but the beer would still be there when I got back. 

Some time around five o'clock, I cracked a Spirit Animal from Blue Owl, a sour pale ale. It was pretty interesting, but for some reason I took my time with it. Something wasn't right. 

Some time around six o'clock, I felt tired in my bones and something definitely wasn't right, but Paul Konerko was on the phone and I had to talk to him. 

Some time around seven o'clock, I was prone on the couch with a 102 fever. I guess I have the flu. It's a little ominous, all I really feel is tired and hot, but I know the hammer is coming. Just not sure what body part is failing. Tomorrow will suck. 

So, yeah, if someone wants to recap their weekend on Monday, that would be helpful. I doubt half a Spirit Animal is going to float the space, and I doubt I'm going to do much this weekend. 


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