Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Michael Donato, March 21, 2016

Nobody’s rotation gets through a full season without needing a spot starter or two. This weekend with Eno under the weather Team BeerGraphs called upon me to step up for the Last Weekend’s Beer post. I wasn’t fully stretched out, but was determined to give my team everything I could.

Eno often regales us with grand bottles shares and meetups, sharing many beers with many people. I will share with you seven beers shared alone in my house. Seven beers with east coast distribution, which should provide a nice change of pace. Think of it as throwing the soft-tossing lefty after the fireballing ace.

Singlecut BeerSmiths Does Anybody Remember Laughter? IPA
Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee Porter

SingleCut makes some great beers, and Does Anybody Remember Laughter is no exception. Funny story, I actually bought a growler and a bottle of this at the same time, not realizing they were the same beer because the board read: SingleCut DARL. Perhaps I fail at acronyms, but I also fail at the music reference.  

The beer was great though, Lots of pine, but with subtle fruity notes of strawberry and apple. The hops are dank overall with just enough balancing malt sweetness. Was better on draft but was great both ways.

The Hotbox was pretty good too, but comes on a little heavy. Rich coffee notes and plenty of chocolately sweetness which is cut some by the coffee but maybe not enough. The sweetness lingers and while I enjoyed this beer it’s another in a long line of larger beers that I wish I’d only had 8oz of. 

Bolero Snort VariaBull Batch 003
Tröegs Nugget Nectar

The Nugget Nectar is so good. Always so good. This was my 51st of the Untappd era and it never disappoints. I’m a sucker for hoppy reds. The piney hoppiness, the fruit, the balanced maltiness. It’s just good.

Bolero Snort VariaBull Batch 003 is a local Bergen County NJ brewery. This particular variable is a porter with cinnamon and vanilla. I didn’t love it really. The vanilla adds a nice note but with so many bourbon barrel aged stouts these days, it feels one-note. The cinnamon was a little faint and seemed to disappear at times, but when it was there it provided a nice little kick. I’ve got a bottle of their RotatBull in fridge that I should pull out soon; an IPA series with a rotating set of hops. The last one I had was pretty good.


Gun Hill Void of Light
Founders Breakfast Stout
Oskar Blues Death By Coconut

I was +47 on Sunday, in that I consumed three bottles but created about 50. They were talking about one last snowstorm in the Northeast Sunday night, so I went dark with my beers.

Void of Light is the only thing I’ve had from the Bronx’s Gun Hill Brewery. I had it barrel aged last year at New York City Beer Week, but this was a canned variety. I have to say I prefer the barrel in this case. This Foreign Export Stout was still pretty good, though again I would’ve preferred about 8 ounces of it. The head was a delicious chocolately fluff, and the beer itself had some nice light, but powerful, roasty notes. It was tasty, but as the alcohol burned through near the end of the pint I was losing some of the complexity.

Founders Breakfast Stout is one of my favorite beers, but alas this was a bottle I’d left in my basement cabinet for a little too long. Coming up on 18 months the beer tasted a little oxidized and astringent. It started to lean back towards normal as it warmed, but nothing close to the rich melange of chocolatey espresso that I’m used to. 

I brewed MAD Brewery’s MADhouse Coco-Nutz for the third time. It’s a brown ale with about a pound and a half of toasted coconut. I’ve been tweeking the recipe each time, and swapped out the hops for a different take, so we’ll see how it comes out. It’s been almost a year since my last brewday, and I felt a little rusty.

The final beer I popped open after the kettles were cleaned and my equipment was drying was Oskar Blues Death By Coconut. Obviously this is a richer, darker beer than I’m aiming for, but I figured a little coconut was in order. I love this beer, one of the best beers I had last year. There is that sweet delicious coconut melding with the chocolates notes inside a nice solid porter. All the flavors just go so well together.

I had a lot of dark beers this weekend, but I’m immediately switching that up because we’re doing Scottish Ale and Strong British Ale in my BJCP class tomorrow.

What’d you have this weekend?