Beer Chat -- 4/8/16

Eno Sarris, April 08, 2016

Is there a beer at 11.2% alcohol by volume that doesn't taste like alcohol? 

Good question on my Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout review from last night. It's true that once you get into double digits there's a ton of burn at the back end of your beer. The scales change. 

But Deschutes' Abyss, even Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout -- which sometimes seems too hot to me -- these beers I don't think are as 'hot' or alocholy as KBS. Even some of the soy molasses stouts like 3Floyds' Dark Lord and Fremont's Dark Star aren't as full of the alcohol taste, I don't think. 

Two things.

1) I didn't heed the warning to let it warm without tasting first. I could see this warming to room temperature and tasting differently. (I could also see more alcohol leading to better reviews after a few tastes.)

2) I didn't age it. I have three other bottles and at least one of them will be aged. If it ages really well, then it could be as great as a Deschutes Abyss, which is amazing 2-3 years out. 

So, anyway, I had KBS and thought it was only okay. I'm such a dick. 

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