New Podcast! Colin Harvin of 21st Amendment

Casey McLain, April 19, 2016

Colin Harvin is one of Casey's better friends in the beer industry, and Casey and Colin's time in Tacoma have nearly run parallel. Colin started out as a bartender at a bar just outside of Tacoma, and eventually worked for two local breweries before becoming a sales rep for 21st Amendment. Colin recently accepted another position within 21st Amendment which will cause him to move back to Georgia, where he's from. He talks about his progression through the beer industry, beer culture in America's southeastern region, the hardship and incidental benefit of having his wife deployed to the Middle East, and more.

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Casey is the founder of the sports blog North and South of Royal Brougham. Follow him at @TheCaseyMcLain and check out his other (NSFW) podcast called Offspeed Podcast. He also writes about beer at Washington Beer Blog and HiConsumption.