Beer As a Vehicle for Change

Eno Sarris, June 09, 2016

In last week's chat, we discussed, if briefly, the opportunity that the craft beer lobby might have to change important things politically. Because beer drinkers span different idealogies but share a love of beer, the thought was that there would be some issues that could unite them and create a powerful lobby

The problem is finding such an issue. Even something that's seemingly important to brewers, like water rights or sustainability concerns, might be seen from different angles from different brewers of differen sizes. There are still wedges that threaten to break the bigger lobby. 

The ultimate uniting issue, though, is the availability of craft beer itself. That's an issue that brings together drinkers as well as brewers. 

And so it seems that the craft beer lobby should help fund this movie, Beerocracy. Though it's not about American craft beer, this movie tackles issues of government regulation and craft beer growth while also exploring the role of the beer industry in job creation and neighborhood revitilization. 

Alex Vietinghoff and Shauna Chase created this movie to uncover the underlying facts about the New Brunswick beer explosion, and so you could treat it as a chance to learn more about an interesting place to visit and drink.

But they want to know if a province with high unemployment rates can float that many breweries, and if the breweries themselves can help create jobs. An additional layer of interest, even to an American craft beer drinker, might come from the fact that government agency that runs bottle shops and also regulates alcohol sales, a whopper of a conflict of interest that may be adversely affecting brewery growth in the area. 

Politics! Beer! Travel! Satire! 

Seems pretty good. Help em fund this movie with a little dosh, eh?