A Craft Beer Lover's Guide to Baseball

Eno Sarris, June 17, 2016

Available 7/4 for Kindle, iOS, and Android as ePub, mobi, and PDF formats

Our editors and guests have canvassed writers, bloggers, and media types from every baseball town and for their recommendations, and paired the results with data from our leaderboards. The result is your new go-to guide to beer, baseball, and culture in any MLB city.

We recommend the best breweries to visit, top beer bars near the ballpark, and the best beers inside each park. We top it off with the finest nearby natural landmarks and cultural institutions, so you can walk off some of those calories. We believe if you get to know these things, you get to know the true character of a city.

In the Guide, you'll get advice from luminaries familiar with each city:


Boston: The name on everyone‘s tongue is Trillium Brewing—Deadspin‘s beer expert Will Gordon calls it “justifiably acclaimed” and our leaderboards have it as the fifth-best brewery in the entire region. There‘s a whiff of controversy around their brand of hazy, fruity double IPAs, but they‘re worth trying, and they aren‘t the only thing that Trillium does well. 


You‘ll get definitive opinions from friendly baseball writers:


Denver: “Falling Rock Tap House is one of the best places to drink in America—about 100 taps, half a block from the ballpark, and yes, they have Pliny,” says baseball writer Jonah Keri.


You'll get first-hand reviews, complete with details like this piece from editor and guest chapter writer Michael Donato:


New York: If you have a hankering to play some old-school video games while you drink, there‘s a Barcade in Midtown, in Brooklyn, and in Jersey City. I recently enjoyed a frantic game of Tapper while sipping on a Carton Brewing 077xx, which is as good an American IPA as you‘ll find, and I don‘t mean just in New York.


You'll even get advice that combines cultural, natural, athletic and beer in some cases:


San Francisco: Try a two-city bike tour that starts at Cellarmaker! Head to the Ferry terminal/ farmers market to pick up food and catch the East Bay ferry, to Alameda. Head three quarters of a mile to Faction brewing -- they have a great deck looking at the SF skyline -- the St. George distillery is next door and they offer tours tastings too). After that you bike down... 


There you have it. Beer, culture, and baseball, all together in one compendium. We did the work, and you can get this resource on pre-order now for just $4.99.

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