Last Weekend's Beer, Today

Eno Sarris, June 20, 2016

What a weekend. What an epic weekend.

It was great to see many of you at the .Graphs meetup this weekend in New York.  It was great to see my co-workers at FanGraphs in our yearly retreat. It was great to finally get pre-orders up for the book, and to get into the throes of getting that thing published. It was great to collect three hits and look very unathletic doing it during our company whiffleball game. It was great to see some old friends and make some new friends. It was great to not lose my lunch in the dugout during a dizzy bat race Sunday. 



Oh yeah, it was also amazing to sample the beers of New York City.

Bells' Two-Hearted Pale Ale
Cooperstown Nine Man Ale
Blue Point Toasted Lager

Had the Bells on the Long Island Rail Road after a successful television appearance, which felt amazing. Like many of the others around me, I was headed to the Mets game after a hard day's work. Had some sweat on my forhead to match the sweat on my can, but had just enough space on that crowded car to put my theoretical feet up. The sigh was audible, and Two-Hearted is an amazing pale to just pick up at a Duane Reade and brown paper bag on the train. Just really well balanced, and stands the test of time. 

The Mets game was awesome. Bartolo Colon doubled, advanced on a run and was almost thrown out when he didn't slide, and then scored, so there was much fun had. Michael Conforto laid out for a great catch, and Curtis Granderson hit a homer. A summer night in New York without the bugs or the humidity, just really perfect, other than that nasty ass beer they brought me. Wow, do not drink this golden ale. Just terrible cloying sweetness. 

The Blue Point is fairly sweet itself, but at least there's a little freshness and brightness to make it drinkable. That's fine. It was a good day. 

Captain Lawrence Effortless Session IPA (nitro)
Tired Hands Hop Hands Pale Ale
Greenpoint It's All an Illusion IPA
Single Cut Neil Into the Void Black Rye IPA
Brouwerij Alvinne Cuvee Freddy Sour
Threes Chronic Myopia

Dude. What a beer day. Seriously. I had some of the best beers on the Eastern seaboard, I felt. 

Went to The Ginger Man to see some friends and snuck in some beer tourism. The Captain Lawrence was made worse by the nitro -- it was probably a nice fruity session, but the nitro softened all the bitterness and left me with a sweet soft beer. Eh. 

Hey. It's fine. Maybe Tired Hands is still the best thing ever. I liked the Hop Hands. But I didn't love it. The average Tree House grassy IPA brings more fruit and flavor to the body. I got a ton of aroma from the Hop Hands, but then the taste fell a bit short. It wasn't biting enough to be super bright, and it wasn't fruity enough to go that direction. I liked it, but...

I liked the It's All an Illusion better. That was a tasty, thick, grassy, fruity, bright beer. That was really, really nice. On par with any beer I had over the weekend, and that's impressive by itself, as you can already see. Maybe a few more could battle it, but at this point in the weekend I was already happy. 

The Singlecut rye was fine. It had soft mouthfeel for a rye ipa, so it came off a bit sweet, which is surprising for a black IPA, where the roasted qualities usually confer some bite. I did like it, though, and am super pysched to come home with a crowler of one of their IPAs (thanks Ben!). 

The sour was nothing to write home about. Thick, maybe a little too thick. 

Threes Chronic Myopia is the bomb. It's so good. Grassy and fruity and I could drink many cups of that. I did drink many cups of that. I have two in my bag. I'm very happy about that. This was probably the beer of the weekend. Really well done, Threes, and your backyard is very nice. 

Cigar City / Amager Bryghus Orange Crush Session IPA
Sloop Brewing Juice Bomb IPA
Other Half / Beavertown Telectroscopic DIPA
Cascade Apricot Sour
Cambridge Flower Child IPA

The meetup was really fun. Really great to meet everyone. I did so much talking / yelling / putting my damn foot in my mouth that I didn't actually drink a ton. The Cigar City was a boring session, anyway. 

The Sloop Juice was really great. Citrussy, hazy, with a big pillowy mouthfeel, but also some floral notes you don't always get in the NEIPA. Definitely a sweet cloudy juice IPA, but there was enough bitterness and grass to brighten it up, and then that floral action that set it apart a bit. This was also a standout beer. 

The Telectroscopic was even juicier, if possible. Not so much on the floral notes, a little less grassy, but still hazy. The lime citrus on the end cleaned it up, and apparently Beavertown brought the huge stone fruit smell and upfront juiciness. Might be the best Other Half I've had. 

The Apricot Sour was a decent one, not one of Cascade's top three for me, though. I thought I got some steel on the teeth, some off flavor I didn't love. Maybe it's just the Apricot hitting me wrong, because there's a decent amount of fruit, and usually I like their sours. 

I was a little done by the time I got to the Flower Child, but it is a good, big floral IPA, and it was different enough that I enjoyed the fork in the road. There's a little bit too much biscuit and bread in there for me, but still very enjoyable. As were most of the conversations, even when I said stupid things. I like people because they forgive me for the stupid things I say and do. 

The Bronx Summer Ale
Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale
Stillwater G13 IPA
Lawson's Super Session #2

This was a day at the park, mostly, so I was happy with a crushable lemon summer pale from Bronx. Really went well with the minor league baseball in Staten Island. Glad I only had one before dizzy bat.

While in Staten Island, we thought we'd do as Staten Islanders do and go to the Craft House. Watched the bummer basketball game there, but had a Chicago favorite in the Daisy Cutter, a nice fruity brett beer from Stillwater -- who still surprises with good ones mixed in -- and then a fun little can of Super Session as I thought of all the fun we had over the weekend. 

I hope y'all had good weekends, too.