Beer Chat -- 6/24/16

Eno Sarris, June 24, 2016

Haven't hung out in a while, and now it's my birthday and I feel old and stupid. When did that happen? When did we go from eagerly anticipating our annual slate of parties and gifts to dreading them? When did we stop telling people how old we were when we announced our birthday plans? When did this all get so depressing? 

It's even weirder to be depressingly introspective because of an upcoming landmark since I'm also just back from that epic weekend in New York, with the dizzybat and the meetup and everything. It was good to see some of you, and hopefully I'll do some more meetups. San Diego around the All-Star break, maybe the night of July 12th? That Sunday? Chicago July 14th, location TBD. Toronto in early September. Bay area some time. More meetups! 

Where else should we do a meetup?

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The meetup was great.

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