The Baseball Lover's Guide to Craft Beer

Eno Sarris, July 04, 2016

If you're planning to go to a city with a major league baseball stadium in it -- even if you're *not* planning to attend a game -- A Baseball Lover's Guide to Craft Beer is for you. We've created a guide to the best craft beer bars and breweries in 28 cities, and we've even added cultural hot spots so that this can be your go-to asset in the planning phase, or a backpocket plan B. 

For $5.99, you get an e-book with the following:

  • 28 curated city leaderboards
  • 30 curated park leaderboards
  • 500+ mini-reviews of bars and breweries
  • 30+ mini-tours that begin or end near craft beer
  • Recommendations from 100+ members of the baseball and beer media
  • Eight guest chapters from local experts
  • Too many jokes, off-the-beaten-track ideas, and baseball references to count

Happy Birthday, America. I hope you like our present. 

Thanks to contributors and editors Matt Dennewitz, Michael Donato, Alex Remington, Dan Wade, Derek Harvey, Ethan Obstarczyk, J.R. Shirt, and Drew Silva.