May and June's Best New Beers

Eno Sarris, July 06, 2016

We haven't checked in on the hottest new beers on our leaderboards since late April, so let's see what gifts the early Summer has brought us. Other than, you know, early Summer.

Here are the best beers that have come through the Untappd database to ours since April first, sorted by Beers Above Replacement, which is explained here. Basically, we compare a beer only to its style first, and then give it some credit for number of checkins, so that we reward popularity but not in a linear fashion. A Style+ of 120 means that the beer is 20% better than beers in its style. 

Num Beer Brewery BAR Style+
1 King JJJuliusss Tree House Brewing Company 7.9 120
2 Hundred Thousand Trillion Trillium 5.8 118
3 Curiosity Twenty Five Tree House Brewing Company 5.4 116
4 3-Way IPA Fort George Brewery 5.2 113
5 Curiosity Twenty Six Tree House Brewing Company 5.0 117
6 Callipygian Avery Brewing Company 4.8 107
7 Dirt Nap The Veil Brewing Co. 4.8 111
8 Birthday Bomb Prairie Artisan Ales 4.8 104
9 Magnetic Compass Grimm Artisanal Ales 4.7 114
10 Kushy Clouds Sole Artisan Ales 4.3 119
11 Fat Sour Apple New Belgium Brewing Company 4.2 116
12 Dystopian Forest, But it's Okay Tired Hands Brewing Company 3.9 111
13 Supa Dupa Fly Monkish Brewing Co. 3.9 112
14 Lucky Cloud Grimm Artisanal Ales 3.8 109
15 Born Again Yesterday Lagunitas Brewing Company 3.8 110
16 Anian De Garde Brewing 3.7 114
17 All Dank Everything Other Half Brewing 3.5 106
18 Pinot Suave Deschutes Brewery 3.3 108
19 Cranium Crush Petoskey Brewing 3.2 113
20 Garcon de Ferme Wicked Weed Brewing 3.1 105

The last time we did this, the most popular beers were all NEIPAs -- hazy, dank, grassy beers from places like Trillium and Tree House. And hey, Tree House has three IPAs on this list, Trillium has another, and the Grimm Magnetic Compass and Tired Hands Dystopian Forest are also grassy, opaque, dank beers. That trend is not going away.  You might put Grimm's Lucky Cloud in there too. 

Of course there are other tropical beers on here, with the Ft. George collaboration and Dirt Nap being very fruit forward. People like fruit in their beers. 

But it's nice to see some other types of beers creeping in. Avery, Deschutes, and Prairie do stouts really well, and their newest entries fall in line. I'd try any of those.

Cranium Crush is a cream ale with notes of raspberry! De Garde's new beer is a sour saison, as is Wicked Weed's. Along with the New Belgium collabo sour, that's three new sours on the list. 

It's not enough to declare a new trend, but it's something.