Check Out October

Eno Sarris, January 31, 2017

You might have noticed that there's been a little less content around here since the holidays. We apologize for that. But we hope you like the reason. 

Your BeerGraphs editor has been hard at work with partners at Conde Nast, Pitchfork, ZX Ventures, and Good Beer Hunting since late last year. The result -- October -- is up today. 

The aim is to produce content that is as wide as it is deep. We'd like to be able to bring new readers to the table by finding beer at the movies, at the show, in the street. We'll still bring the data, and Good Beer Hunting will make sure our pieces are always beautiful, our events will be awesome, and there will be depth.

But we'll also have pieces that tie us together with other groups of deep-divers. 

Knowing something really well is great, and so our leaderboards will remain (and continue to improve) so that you can check out the stats on your favorite beers. But that knowledge grows and becomes more meaningful when it spiders its way into the rest of our lives. We can be great apart, but we are even more together. 

So, while we are super appreciative of anyone that has spent a minute here at BeerGraphs and helped create a fun community, we hope you get together with us and read your favorite BeerGraphs-style pieces over on October in the coming weeks.

You'll find so much more while you're there.