The Best Coconut Beer

Michael Donato, November 12, 2013

I recently wrote about Kona Brewing Company's Koko Brown Ale, but while it's the most prolific it's certainly not the only beer using coconut.

Our database lists 29 of them that I can find via the beer's name, which still isn't a whole lot. There are another 200 or so that don't have enough rated check-ins to deduce anything meaningful about them, so we'll focus on the 29 most common.

The average rating of a beer in the coconut sample is 3.72, which is a tick better than the database-wide 3.65. Kona's Koko comes in at 3.64, which could almost be described as the replacement level coconut ale. It has more than twice the amount of check-ins as the next beer and still represents a tasty, enjoyable, and widely-available beer. 

At the top is Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits' Victory At Sea Toasted Coconut, which is an Imperial Porter with a 4.37 rating. In this case the coconut appears to be an adjunct to an already excellent limited release beer. The original Victory At Sea features just vanilla and coffee. 

At the bottom of the list is Mongozo Coconut, a Belgian Pale Ale of all things, by Mongozo B.V., a Dutch brewery specializing in exotic brews. The coconut's 3.02 rating is pretty poor, and even worse than their quinoa beer which comes in at 3.37. I enjoy trying weird beers. I even have a bottle of Ballast Point's Indra Kunindra beer which has Curry, Cumin, Cayenne and Lime -- as well as Coconut -- and comes in at 3.58. I'm not sure I want to try a beer with quinoa.  




Average Rating

Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits

Victory At Sea Toasted Coconut

Imperial / Double Porter


NoDa Brewing Company

Imperial CoCo LoCo

American Porter


Dangerous Man Brewing Co.

Coconut Milk Stout

Milk / Sweet Stout


Collaboration: Ken Schmidt/Maui/Stone

Kona Coffee, Macadamia, Coconut Porter

Imperial / Double Porter


NoDa Brewing Company

Coco Loco

American Porter


New Belgium Brewing Company

Coconut Curry Hefeweizen (Lips Of Faith)



Papago Brewery

Coconut Joe



The Brew Kettle

Kitka Coconut Milk Stout

Milk / Sweet Stout


The Church Brew Works

Coconut Stout

American Imperial / Double Stout


Schnebly Brewery

Big Rod Coconut Pilsner

Fruit Beer






Orange Blossom Pilsner LLC

Toasted Coconut Porter

American Porter


Mongozo B.V.

Mongozo Coconut

Belgian Pale Ale


There is no rhyme or reason to which styles of beer brewers have added coconut to. Porters are very common, and Brown Ale is well represented, as are Stouts. On the odder side, Stone made a Coconut IPA, and New Belgium made a coconut curry Hefeweizen that so far has been well received with a 3.96 rating over 38 check-ins. 

Coconut has a very distinct taste and it's used as an adjunct, or even as a primary flavor, in a number of beers. It can create a really interesting and exotic brew when used correctly, and more importantly, a really tasty one. And not just according to me.

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