Alementary: New NJ Brewery Has All The Data

Michael Donato, June 22, 2016

We love data here at BeerGraphs. Can’t get enough of it. So imagine my joy when I checked out the new local brewery here in Bergen County, NJ called Alementary and found all sorts of fun info.

This was a post on Facebook after their first weekend: “A few interesting stats from opening weekend.... These taps saw 576 pints, 550 flights, and 164 growler fills. Thank you all for your support, and we look forward to seeing you all again. Please don't be mad if we don't remember all of your names.”

You don’t often get this type of volume numbers from a brewery, and it’s interesting to see what an opening weekend is like. 

You can tell Alementary put serious thought and consideration into their setup. These gauges should control the CO2 levels in the kegs in the cool room behind the wall, providing flexibility in carbonation.

That’s the least interesting part to me though, check out the menu:

Look at all that info! The color guide is not particularly smooth, but it does help you spot light versus dark at a glance. You’ve got SRM, Original Gravity, bitterness, and balance in the form of BU:GU which is the ratio of bittering units to grain units that tries to give you a more accurate picture of bitterness, because a big heavy beer might have a ton of hops, and therefore IBU, but will be overwhelmed by the malt. You’ve got a style and basic tasting notes on each beer which is pretty helpful as well, plus ABV and an approximate energy/calories measurement.

This is powered by a Raspberry Pi program called RaspberryPints. Raspberry Pi is basically a cheap, simple computer developed basically to provide an easy and affordable entry into the realm of computer science. This makes it widely popular for use with simple tasks, such as powering a basic robot, or creating a neat beer menu.

This is all great fun, but it’s moot if the beer is crap. Luckily for us, it’s not.

Try the Let’s Begin, a lime gose. It’s a nice refreshing gose with Graham Cracker malts and key lime. Perfect drinker for the summer, and a beer that even non-beer drinkers will probably enjoy. My favorite though is the Mr. Stevens, a 3.5% Dark Mild. The beer is packed with flavor despite the low ABV and has nice english malt character and a hint of chocolate. I could drink a dozen of these.

Some breweries you can just tell are taking the beer seriously, from brewing to delivery, and Alementary is one of them. It’s nice to have a brewery that’s on my way home from work, and doubly so that they’re churning out quality beer. I look forward to see what else that come with as they get more established.